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Stand Out: Everything a New Business Needs

Stand Out: Everything a New Business Needs

Entrepreneurs want their businesses to stand out. Even in the most saturated and competitive markets, new business owners believe their service or product deserves to be seen and recognized. Business owners aren’t wrong, but they do have some large barriers to overcome before the bulk of consumers notice a newcomer. Here are a few ways to overcome those barriers:


A Better Burger…

…or a better software program, or a better service model; whatever your business is selling it has to be better than the rest. So, what is best? Depends on who you ask. Before starting your business, you likely spent time researching the market and competitors. You looked for consumer groups with concerns that weren’t answered. You identified holes in the market and aimed to fill them. So even if your business isn’t necessarily “better,” it does serve a consumer base. Your task is to show this demographic that your business will serve them better than the competitors’ business.


A Better Marketing Campaign

Once you have established your business’ consumer base, you have to meet them. Then you have to meet them again. This is typically done through online ads, television ads and merchandising.

Merchandising can be anything from tote bags emblazoned with your business’ distinctive logo to t-shirts to mugs to a bright finishing sign at the end of a local charity run. Wherever your demographic spends their time is where you want your logo to appear. Add a QR code near any physical logo and you have created a gateway to your business’ online presence. Add a share button to any site that features your logo and you have extended your business’ digital reach.

A marketing campaign depends on content. Choose contemporary and intriguing content and make certain to keep it fresh. Consumers want new information and current products. Amidst all the new information, ensure that at least one element of your brand remains recognizable. This could be a signature product or a single, uniform image.

Creating a uniform image that traverses various platforms with ease is one sure way to imprint your business or product into a consumer’s psyche. Integrated marketing campaigns that feature commercials, rewards and promotions, online marketing strategies and physical events are a sure fire marketing strategy.


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A Better Visual

Online logo generators tend to outperform hyper-local graphic designers. Perhaps you live in a town that is dominated by several marketing firms. Look closely and you will probably know which businesses have hired which firm. An outside logo or name generator breaks through creative ruts.

Logo and name generators have another ability that graphic design humans lack. Generators are guaranteed to be unique. In terms of name generators, part of the process include checking for copyright infringement.

Lastly, an online logo generator breaks the mold and fits your vision, not the limitations of a graphic designer’s toolkit or skill set.


A Better Story

New businesses need a hook. Sometimes that hook is an amazing take on an old standard. Sometimes it is exceptional service in an industry not known for customer hand-holding. Then there’s narrative. A good story well told lends itself to word-of-mouth type promotions. This can be literal word of mouth or social media/digital sharing.

Suppose your logo is….interesting. There’s a story there. Share it. A good story can be told through videos, podcasts and even text. However you choose to unveil your business and your brand, make it shareable and memorable. And choose a medium that meets your demographic where they live.

Your business has everything it needs to succeed, except customers. Attract them with stories and images. Keep them with high-quality service and products. Continue to listen to your customers. Create solutions to their problems or products for their needs. Keeping an open line of communication with consumers starts by connecting with them from the beginning. Your business’ first impression sets the tone for the rest of your brand’s story.

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