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Standard sizes of paper bags

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Planning to become more eco-friendly? Well, paper bags are the way to go! Whether you are doing this for your personal use or opting for your business, understanding the basics of paper bags is important before making a proper decision. It is important to consider your selection of packaging as it adds convenient value to your business and mindset. With a variety of paper bags available, it is least easy to pick up a convenient option in a matter of time. You have to look into many factors to provide the best experience possible. So, keep reading if you are interested in knowing what best suits your needs.

Paper bags are a great option, not only for the environment but also for your personal experience. They provide durability and are often recyclable. If you are looking for paper bags, there are many options available. The most significant part is that they are manufactured in the USA. They range from shopping bags, SOS bags, Euro totes, and merchandise bags. They also come in different handle styles, colors, coatings, and paper materials.

Everything You Need To Know About Paper Bags

Bags are an important item in our day-to-day lives. However, it is damaging to the environment when they are made of plastic. As plastic takes a lot of time to degrade and mix with nature, it is harmful to the environment. Furthermore, plastics also release toxic chemicals while degrading. The impact of plastic in the environment is dangerous, and so, in order to combat the negative effects, it is advisable to start using paper bags. Paper bags work towards environment benefits and so, buying paper bags for daily use is very important.

Paper shopping bags are the most commonly used items. They are the most popular option because of their customizable needs. Paper shopping bags come in all shapes and sizes. They are also available in a variety of colors. Paper shopping bags are suitable for every occasion. As mentioned earlier, there come in many sizes. A jumbo bag is 24"x7"x18" and is large enough for items like outwears and pillows. The smallest is 5.5"x3.25"x8.33" in size and is called a gem sized bag. They are perfect for carrying small trinkets and jewelry. However, the two most popular sizes are the vogue and the cub. A vogue is 16”x6”x13” in size, and a cub is sized at 8"x4.75"x10.5". The former is suitable for fashion and clothing stores, and the latter is used for carrying small glassware, scarves, and t-shirts.

If you need something more fashionable yet sophisticated as a handbag, Euro totes are the way to go! Euro totes are originated in the fashion districts of France and Italy. However, they are becoming very popular these days, and so, they can also be found in America. There are different types of Euro tote bags nowadays that are made to satisfy your needs. Some Euro tote bags also have touches of lamination, matte, and gloss. These options are highly customizable and look luxurious. They are highly durable than other paper bags and can be used more times than others. Euro tote bags are also more popular than others, and many recognizable brands have shifted to this category. Some of the recent additions are the purse tote and the tinted Euro tote bags. Purse totes are mainly used to carry jewelry and small items. Tinted Euro tote bags are of a thicker composition as the paper is doubled to provide a softer feel.

SOS bags, also known as Square Open Sacks, are a kind of merchandise bag. They are very much similar to brown Kraft paper bags. However, SOS bags are stronger and more durable for rough use. The most common use is for carrying food and drinks. They come in a variety of colors and display a modern flair. Thus, they are very appropriate for packaging purposes. SOS bags are also economical.

Paper bags are 100% biodegradable. However, there are pros and cons of using paper bags. Thus, they can be recycled and reused. It is also to be noted that paper bags can withstand more weight and pressure than plastic bags. On the other hand, paper bags are not waterproof and are more expensive than their plastic counterparts. They also take up more storage space than plastic bags and are relatively heavier. They are also not as durable as plastic bags. They can be easily torn when handled roughly.

Final Take


Like everything else in nature, there are both advantages and disadvantages to using paper bags. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide. It is advisable to properly look into the matter before making the best decision for your personal and business needs. However, for a classic undertone, paper bags are a great option for schools, stores, deli, and restaurants!

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