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Start a Blog That Makes Money

Start a Blog

All the writers start with scrap and then modify that scrap into a moderate piece of art. Still, every writer feels a vacant margin, that their article needs more improvement. Blogging is an art with a specific formula that can help you to express your thoughts and experience and also can produce generative leads for you.

Following are the few monetization techniques that can generate a valid source of income for the bloggers;

  1. Contextual Display Advertisement:

Always make sure to create the attention-grabbing content for your blogs, so that you can engage the bulk audience for your blogs. As soon as your blogs would capture the huge volume traffic, it will leverage the ad networks including; Google AdSense to display the relevant ads on your blogs.

Simply, just place the banner ad codes on your site and generate the revenue by earning 68% from the pool.

  • Display Banner Advertisements:

This technique complies with the same strategy as the Contextual Display Advertisements. In this process, the ads might not be relevant to your content. Google’s best alternative such as Chitika, Bing, Infolinks provides these kinds of ads to earn money.

  • Affiliate Marketing:

This is the most productive tool for monetizing your blog as this can assist you to affiliate different businesses with your blogging website. They can invest in your blogs for performance-based marketing business. Where an individual called as an affiliate will earn commission on every successful sale of other merchant products and services. You have to certainly place a unique affiliate tracking code on your blog. If a reader clicks on your unique link and buys the product or service, then you will earn the percentage of commission.

  • Sell own products:

You can sell your own products or services including; EBooks, DIY guides, etc.  You can sell anything by posting the blogs relevant to your products and services. To be successful in your online business, you should have a loyal customer base or a large group of audience on your blogs.

  • Sell Ad Space:

If you find the aptitude in your blog that it can accommodate thousands of traffic in a single, you may sell some spaces on your blog to direct advertisers. Just create a distinct page “advertise with us” to attract new advertisers and quote your price based on the ad placement, number of days etc. This can provide a free space to create your blog for the marketing business.

Blog niches that can make money

You can opt for the niche for your bogs to produce generative leads by considering the following facts:

  1. Always follow the niche that is viral, to capture the viewers on the prime time to optimize the traffic.
  2. Choose the genre and the niche that is your passion, and you have an up to dated knowledge about that niche. 
  3. Always try to capture your target audience that can provide a suitable solution to their queries.

The few successful blogging niches to choose was money making, finance, food niche, travel blog, and investment planning. That can attract a huge audience for your channel.

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