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How to start a web hosting business with reseller hosting?

Due to growing technology, users are looking for instant solutions to fulfil their requirements. This has made the business owners think out of the box to stand out in the competition. Nowadays, there is an increase in the demand for internet marketing and this has made the users opt for a website to promote their products in the market. The reason is simple; every website requires a web server to perform and hosting space to store the file. However, this has created the need in the market and entrepreneur realized the importance of making money by establishing the web hosting business.

How is reseller business hosting work?

In reseller hosting, you can sell already purchased hosting resources to your existing customers. Let’s assume, you have purchased the reseller hosting plan from web hosting company and you have got 50GB disc space and 500 GB bandwidth; it’s completely up to you how you utilize the resources. You can use it for your personal use or start your own hosting business just by selling to others.

In short, you can establish your own brand and start earning. You can decide your own plans and price along with the payment process before selling. You are solely responsible for all the business deals and payment.

Below mentioned are the ways that can help you to know how to begin your web hosting journey:-


1) Select hosting platform:-

In this list, the very first step is to select the right web server for the reseller hosting platform.  For e.g., before selecting the plan, you should monitor the factors such as OS offered like Linux or Windows or else. Every provider offers unique platforms in their plans, it is your responsibility to monitor the plan before buying. Most of the users, opt for open source technologies like Pearl, Python or PHP; to cater their needs. As per my suggestion, you can opt for a Linux based reseller hosting platform.

2) Features:-

Features in the plans play an important role while buying a reseller hosting. With the growing competition, you will get multiple options for web hosting providers and everyone commits to offer a best as compared to other. While comparing the features it is your job to know what are you getting additional apart from existing features that others are offering. While selecting you should look for SSL Certificate, Spam Experts, WHCMS Software, host unlimited websites or some numbers of sites, daily backups, instant chat response, Cloudflare CDN, payment gateway and more.  If you offer unique features to your customers then it will make easy for you to get more users for your business.

3) Cost:-

This the prime factor that we need to undertake while purchasing the reseller plan. Before signing up, look for the best reseller hosting plans of different hosting providers and compare the plans before making a final decision. Once you are done with the selection part after that ask for a free demo and check the post-sale services.

4) Go with the best:-

Your website needs best and for that, you require the best. Before selecting the plan check all the terms and conditions of the provider. Like for e.g., renewal cost of the plans, backup charges, migration and more. Check the review sites before consulting with providers.

Starting a web hosting business:-

  • Once you get your reseller hosting plan, develop a website that features the web hosting plans and other essential information.
  • Design your own hosting plans and inform customers in terms of payments.
  • Set a hosting price after complete observation.
  • Due to heavy competition, set a lower price to begin your hosting journey.

In the light of above key points, you can successfully establish your hosting company just by following these steps. With your expertise and knowledge, you can incorporate the hosting company and earn an impressive amount of profits.


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