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Start your business in Dubai as freelancer

UAE is open for freelancers

The United Arab Emirates is famous as a jurisdiction where everything is possible. It is the land of opportunities for all kinds of businesses. Not only huge international corporations are welcomed here, but also small and medium enterprises as well as freelancers.

We receive quite a lot of requests for Freelance work permit Dubai. Many individual professionals are looking for the permit and residence visa allowing them to stay independent and operate without breaking local legislation.

Among the most popular freelance requests, we can list Software development activity, Education and Marketing and Freelance photography license in Dubai. We have shortlisted the options of business registration for all these types of freelancers here with complete costs and recent updates.

How to register as a freelancer

All these individual professional activities allow processing the virtual company registration in Dubai. The so-called freelance permit is applied online and is processed pretty fast. Usually, it does not require any complicated paperwork, but you will need to provide proof of your experience. You need to show that you have the right educational or professional background. Freelance is encouraged in several fields, such as:

  • technical (more of internet technologies)
  • media (creative jobs)
  • education (coaches and trainers)

It’s not a secret to anyone that starting a business in Dubai is not such an easy job. However, it is not easy in any country. To make things work for you it’s always good to allow professionals to take care of the registration. That’s why a lot of people tend to use the assistance of business setup consultants in Dubai.

Business setup support

Yes, of course, sometimes it seems that you can do everything by yourself, so why hire consultants? Even when you go for the online company registration in Dubai, you still need the guidance. Someone has to tell you what is the best match for your needs, what is the best price for them and if your requirements can be covered by the type of chosen license. One more question is related to unexpected situations. Who will help you to sort things out if something goes not as you expected and the application gets stuck?

We can define a significant difference between a freelance permit and a regular company. Freelance is usually a one-man-show, just one professional offering his skills to clients. And the company is a more complex setup which can have several business activities and can offer you not only to operate yourselves but also hire employees. 

Which free zone to choose?

There is a wide choice of free zones in the UAE and all of them offer various packages. In the tech field, specialists usually prefer Dubai Silicon Oasis Free Zone. Photographers, make up artists, media specialists usually choose Dubai Media City. As for life couches, trainers and other education professionals, there is no narrow preference - the choice of registration authority mostly depends on the additional requirements.

Dubai came up with a completely innovative product which is a business incubator in Silicon Oasis called DTEC. 

Dubai technology entrepreneur campus (DTEC) is a type of startup focused free zones which allows to start the business in a small way and then to migrate the company to the bigger free zone as a proper full-time setup with a permanent office and all the needful facilities. It’s a smart way how you can get prepared for company formation in Dubai Silicon Oasis in a long-run plan if you are specialized in Internet Technologies and do not want to invest much in the very beginning.

Dubai Media City has taken initiative and became one of the most cost-effective ways to obtain the freelance trade license Dubai and resident visa as a freelancer. It is competing only with the Freelance offer of Ajman Free Zone.

There are available various solutions for those who would like to start their own way in the business. And everything depends only on you. Where do you see yourself in one or two years? Which flexibility can you afford at the moment? Will you need to grow your business or you see yourself only as a single specialist?

Try to figure it out and we will help to implement your business ideas to life!

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