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Starting a Home-Based Clothing Line

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The best thing you can do is to start a home-based business.

-Dave Ramsay


Are you known as a dressing deity famous for the perfect patterns and color choices in your everyday outfits? 


Do your friends and close people often seek your advice on what they should wear or what color contrasts to use to make a perfect outfit for a particular occasion? 

Well, if yes, you're qualified to start your clothing line. And all that is possible from home!


While losing a job in this time of pandemic isn't something you'd like to appreciate, there's a brighter side to it too. The creativity you have been utilizing all along as a 'mere maintenance routine' can transform into a full-time profiting business for you. 

Why give it a shot?

While this pandemic is forcing the smaller businesses to shut down and the larger enterprises to cut on the number of employees, starting your very own home-based clothing line is both the need of the hour as well as a perfect route to escape from the current negativity. Clothing manufacturing can be the ideal way out. Clothes will always be bought in the future and people spend more than ever on garments.


Let's have a look at the benefits of turning your creativity into a business.

Saves Time and Money

Your gas expenditure, coupled with an average of almost 50 minutes of commuting to and from work, may help you realize how a home-based business saves your time and money. This time and money you save by not renting an office can help you spend more time on work and help realize a profit sooner with no cash going towards office maintenance.

Deduction of Tax

Running a home-based clothing line can help you deduct a portion of your tax. You can claim tax relief on domestic bills, mortgage interest, property taxes, and maintenance for your house's part for the business. 

However, to qualify for this, the portion of your house used for business must be your primary place of business.

Flexible Schedule

Staying awake till late hours and hating to get up early in the morning is the new normal now. For those with creative abilities, the night is no less than a blessing. People often find it more relaxing to work in the comfort of night, which is entirely possible if your office is based in your home. Remember, however, that consistency and hard work is another thing you must keep in mind. A flexible schedule doesn't and shouldn't allow you to procrastinate. 

Productivity and Creativity

Enjoyment and satisfaction are the perks of doing what you love. Creativity never allows you to get bored as they say,

If you enjoy what you do, you'll never work a day in your life. 


There are some other benefits such as,

  • The home-based startup is less of a risk with less investment money.

  • You won't have to worry about the noise and distractions of a working place.

How to set it up

Although it's you who decide on how you want to establish your clothing line, here's an outline of the procedure.

1. Determine your niche

The most important aspect of starting a clothing business is deciding your area of interest. You can choose between casual and formal clothing, between men, women, children, or other things such as lingerie wear.

 2. Decide on your budget

While it may look attractive, it's quite a competition in the clothing industry. Especially when it comes to starting a business, one must begin with a low investment. You may want to venture with one particular design or product that you're confident about and slowly increase the catalog.

3. Decide on your workplace & manufacturing partner 

One needs to make a business plan as to how things are going to flow. Deciding your workplace in the home, such as a separate bedroom or basement, and furnishing it with necessary items such as sewing machines and other equipment is another step towards the start of your business. Furthermore, you will need a clothing factory for mass production and maybe also for samples (depending on your skill set). Make sure to check and search thoroughly for a good partner. 

4. Choose your designs

Once you are done setting up your basic ideas and things, you are ready to create your designs. For the first step, choose the best strategies you have had in your mind or think you can catch the eye. You can then shortlist a few of them to work on the initial stage. Once you have established your business enough, you can increase the products in your catalog.

5. Create an online store

Decide on the name of your business and create your brand. You can start uploading the pictures of your designs and update the information regarding your business.

6. Stock the products

You can now start manufacturing your designs and put them for sale once you have accumulated enough products in the stock.

7. Put it up for sale

Here you are. Ready to earn a profit from your creative interests. You can test it at a smaller level for some time and later slowly increase the number of your products and try new designs from time to time.


There's no more immense delight than being able to do what you enjoy, and while this pandemic has pushed people to give up their jobs, it has also provided them with the opportunity to opt for home-based business in the line of their interest. If you can utilize this time to pursue your long lost interest and passion or do what you have always wanted to do, you should take up the chance.


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