Starting a Video Production Career


To start over as an NYC videographer is an uphill task that requires you to possess extraordinary skills in video production. It’s, without doubt, an exceptionally competitive field to the magnitude of only the persistent ones carries the day. Moreover, aggressiveness is another trait that every beginner should possess. In simple terms, as videography you must work for your way up.

In addition, natural creativity and technical knowledge of a producer makes the content stand out among others. Anybody who chooses to venture into this field should adopt a unique style that enables easy identification. Due to that, a viewer should be able to point out different videos and their producers. As an NYC videographer, it’s unadvisable to generalize your videos due to some reasons. But the main reason is that you will have a limited fan base.

Therefore, anybody who is in the process of kick-starting a career should know that developing a particular style is important. In all times, a unique style will enable you to scale up easily against all odds. And with time, you will be reaping big in New York.

Passion in this field is another crucial fact that shouldn’t be written off. Most successful producers have life-changing stories of how they followed their path and worked smart to their way up. They will always tell how they started small and with time through hard work their businesses ballooned. The hunger to succeed always works wonders for it motivates a person to work extra hours and input more effort. It inspires a person to work day and night to accomplish the intended results.

Other vital tips that can make your dream become a successful NYC videographer into video are discussed below.


Creating own films. One of my friends studied film production at university. However, after applying for a job in various video creation companies his applications were turned down. He decided to set up a video production company. Therefore, he brought together some of his jobless friends and also bought production equipment (for example a high-quality camera). At the moment, his company is doing great in the comedy videos category.

Apply for jobs. Like my friend, anybody with a passion for making it in this business should look for a job in film production companies. If lucky, both academic and professional understanding in film sets woo big companies to come knocking. But before then, a beginner should showcase unique creative skills.

Attend workshops. Usually, a passionate beginner should strive first to get the know-how of operating a camera. This skill is acquired by enrolling in workshops that offer various sessions in matters of video processing. For instance, camera setting, video editing techniques, filmmaking techniques, and lighting setups.

Purchasing a good video camera. In the market today, there are various cameras that a beginner can work with. For instance, a mirrorless camera and DSLR are easier to operate compared to camcorders. With time, a user can adapt to a camera of choice with high-definition video recording capability.

Own video marketing. My friend began by creating short films and clips that he employed a certain style. Then, he could share his content in social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp. After some time, friends started following him loving his content and sharing it across social media. With time, his content became viral.

Join film associations. To become a prosperous NYC videographer will call for you to join film associations that comprise various experts. These associations help a newcomer in building both experience and a network that assists in getting a job.

Find a mentor. In any field, getting a mentor is necessary for it helps in the perception of various concepts in the industry. Working under a person who has been in the industry for long equips a learner with the necessary knowledge needed when starting.

Study a degree related to the field. The knowledge that my friend acquired at the university enabled him to start a video production company. In simple terms, the course enlightens a passionate student on what to expect when kicking off this career path.

In conclusion, it’s said that enthusiasm takes people places. Likewise, to become an NYC videographer entails an incessant drive to succeed.  Good luck!

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