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8 Booming US cities to consider when starting an IT company

Starting an IT company in today’s world is generally considered to be an excellent choice. The world is leaning more and more towards technology and the digital; as this tech gets more and more advance, IT is becoming more and more popular and profitable. However, as it stands, you still need to consider your choice of location carefully when getting into the IT scene. Certain cities in the US are much more suited to the IT business than others, and it shows. As such, if you want to be safe with your business, consider your location before making a decision. To help out, we’ve put together a list of 8 booming US cities to consider when starting an IT company.

1. San Francisco, California

Unsurprisingly, we’re starting the list in California. Back in 2020, there was a big exodus of workers out of the city which was considered pretty big news. However, this created a very unique opportunity for people in the city today. San Francisco is going to make a comeback in the near future, and the real estate market shows this. The median price of single-family homes has jumped up to 1.9 million dollars. This shows a clear increase in demand, and the reason are the many open working opportunities. In the IT industry, the city currently offers around 100.000 open spots, and is steadily growing. This makes the city a perfect opportunity for starting an IT business and being successful. As long as you avoid the blunders many small business owners make in their first year.

8 Booming US cities to consider when starting an IT company 2 1-BMH

San Francisco has recently made a comeback when it comes to tech business.

2. Dallas, Texas

Dallas has always been known for the opportunities it provides, in a lot of different categories. The city has been home to corporations such as AT&T, Southwest Airlines and ExxonMobile, but the tech scene has been rapidly expanding in the metro area. This makes Dallas uniquely suited for IT enterprises and entrepreneurs alike, for a lot of good reasons. Operating an IT business in Dallas is such as profitable as in states like California, but much cheaper. And as proof, the three largest companies in Dallas are all tech companies. However, if you do open a business here, remember that you should only trust local movers to get your equipment into the office safely. Local moving companies can cover any type of help you may need, and make sure everything arrives safe and on time.

3. Raleigh, North Carolina

Raleigh has a few things going for it when it comes to starting an IT company within it. For the past three years, Raleigh has been topping all lists of tech cities within the US. The city is heavily oriented towards tech, and the city has plans to invest into the tech industry further. In addition, Apple announced (in 2021) a plan to invest over $1 billion dollars into North Carolina, and specifically into building a new engineering hub and campus in Raleigh. As such, the city’s tech scene is only going to grow, making it another great spot to start in the IT scene. However, remember to avoid mistakes businesses make when attracting new customers, as they can ruin your profits quite quickly.

8 Booming US cities to consider when starting an IT company 3-BMH

With Apples announcement that they’re investing into Raleigh, the city is full of opportunities for IT businesses.

4. Charlotte, North Carolina

With a considerable reputation as a banking and financial epicenter, Charlotte hasn’t always been fit for IT. However, it’s a fact that a lot of non-technical industries these days require technical knowledge, it’s only logical that the tech sector would grow in tandem. As such, Charlotte has steadily become a hub for tech businesses as well as banking and financial ones. Furthermore, the financial and health tech leaders in Charlotte have announced that they want to launch the CFH (Carolina Fintech Hub) to further boost the tech industry.

5. Austin, Texas

We can’t make a list of US cities to consider when starting an IT company without mentioning Austin. The Austin-Round Rock metro area offers a unique mix of affordability, opportunity and real estate. These three combined are what keeps attracting new tech companies to Austin, and the proof is easy to see. Ever since the tech industry started being noticed, Austin was at the heart of it. And the low operating costs within the city make it even better. However, keep in mind that experts from Evolution Moving Company DFW note that you should always be safe with the equipment you’re bring into the office.

8 Booming US cities to consider when starting an IT company 4-BMH

Austin has always been a tech hub, and the tech industry in the city is only getting bigger.

6. Huntsville, Alabama

In recent years, a lot of large companies have moved into Huntsville. And while most of them don’t have a lot to do with tech, every large company needs IT experts. This means that, inadvertently, these large companies have also grown the tech scene in Huntsville. This offers a very unique opportunity for anyone who wants to start an IT company.

7. Atlanta, Georgia

While it’s definitely not like California or Texas, Georgia has a tech hub of its own: Atlanta. The city has been investing into the tech industry, and steadily climbing the ranks of tech hubs to become a very desirable and sought-after tech hub. Atlanta has always been a thriving business hub, and it’s proving to be the same for the tech scene. Atlanta’s leaders have recently been vocal about wanting more tech companies in the city, making for an excellent opportunity. As long as you can avoid common online recruiting mistakes.

8. San Jose, California

For a very long time, San Jose has been considered as the ultimate destination for anyone interested in the tech industry. Being home to the Silicon Valley, it’s easy to see why. San Jose has over 8,000 successful tech companies, and the number is growing steadily. If you can afford to start an IT business in San Jose, you’re pretty much guaranteed success.

8 booming US cities to consider when starting an IT company – wrap up

The tech industry, and IT specifically, has been steadily growing for a long time now. However, it’s undeniable that certain cities are much more successful overall. As such, it’s important to choose wisely when selecting where to start your business. We hope this list of 8 booming US cities to consider when starting an IT company helps you find success, and we wish you a good day.

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