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The American Dream: Thinking about Your Startup

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The American dream is owning a business. It is the ambition of many people to be their own boss by creating a brand-new business. If someone has a creative idea, and there is a market for the idea, starting a business can be a dream come true and lead to an independent lifestyle.

However, it isn’t easy to create a successful business that can survive the market. Many people do not realize just how much the Internet has changed the world of business and marketing. Having an online presence is imperative for new businesses that want to reach out to more than a local audience. It’s important to consider that presence as a new company begins to emerge. For those kick-starting their businesses, here are three important things to know and do to make it a success.


Creating a Website

If a business is going to be successful in this digital day and age, having a website is essential. Having a website makes it so much easier to get the word out about the new business and reach a wider audience. A website should contain all the information necessary to attract customers in a concise and clear way. Customers are drawn to websites with easy-to-read information and interesting styling.

Statistically, people only stay on a webpage for less than ten seconds, so it’s important to make a website catch the attention of the targeted audience. Color and images are important factors to keep in mind. Do research on what different colors inspire psychologically on the viewer that will match your brand and product. In addition, images should always be mindfully selected and serve a purpose. When creating a website, try a focus group or show it to colleagues to get feedback. Even when the website is published, it should be constantly updated and edited to remain “in style.”


Creating Your Logo

When trying to get the word out for the new business, one way that’s almost guaranteed to help is having a logo. When you start your logo, keep it in mind as you design the rest of the company’s online presence. A logo is meant to be something that will stick in potential customers’ heads. Likely, a brand-new business won’t have the same amount of online traction as corporate giants, so logos should also include a sense of what your business offers customers. Give the audience an image that will relate to what they want or need from your business. Logos are incredibly important and can make the difference between a successful and failed startup.


Setting Up Customer Support

Customer support may seem fairly obvious, but it is essential to creating a positive and impactful online presence. If a business is going to be successful, setting up customer service can be incredibly helpful and easy to do – it can be as simple as setting up a company email, or a phone number to call. It is relatively easy to make customer support and contact even better by creating social media pages for the company. (This can also help with advertising.) If a company is targeted toward younger generations, being active on social media will increase your reach. Use what will work best in connecting with your market audience that fits your brand. Having a way to communicate with customers and customers to communicate with the company makes a huge difference in new business performance and reception.


Some of these suggestions take only minutes to put into action, but they can make all the difference for a startup business. These will also help new companies appeal to potential sponsors. Having a website, a logo, and a support and interaction system are all attractive to customers. They can help make a new business a success, and there are plenty of sources to get started for free or for incredibly cheap.

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