Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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What is my Stats feature On upwork and how to have good stats

My stats are basically are tracking tools that let you know where you are standing in terms of skills and what you should adopt in order to make yourself more competent. Basically, this tool gives you an idea where you lack and where you perform well. I found this tool pretty effective, as you don’t have time to measure every task and skills. in the end, when you look to improve yourself then you can just visit that page and it lets know the each and every feature that is required.

I love to track my success instantly at any stage of my work. Marketing effectiveness stat lets you know how many visitors have viewed your profile and the number of current visitors.

Application style and results stat let you know how many times you have gone for bids and how many times you have been hired against those bids.

Communication effectiveness stat lets you know how effectively you have been responding to invitations for bidding.

Upwork skill tests answers-BMH

Upwork skill tests answers also play a very important role on upwork stats. Passing skill tests in high top positions can give high authority to your profile.

Overall reputation on Upwork stat lets you know about the feedbacks of your clients.

I would like to remind you something here that you won’t be seeing each and every stat in your resume since it requires specific time and projects in order to measure each and every stat. if you are having enough number of contracts and feedbacks then it would be more convenient for upwork tool to measure your performance.

Plus, you will also be able to see the success rate of your peers. For example, you will be able to see those freelancers who also applied for same jobs and got hired where you sent proposal too.

Application fit stat feature allows you to track your lackings that why your proposal was refused. This feature lets you learn from your mistakes and divert your attention to the areas where you need to focus.

If you need to improve your stats and want to see your stats skyrocket then upwork requires you to work on follow 3 steps thoroughly.

Your client should be fully satisfied with your work. It does not mean that rude or unresponsive client would be considered against you. But any client that is following terms and conditions should be entertained according to best of your skills.

You should be exceptional in your communication. Your timely and effective responses will give client feeling that you are always reachable. What is personally feel, if you are reachable then you can collapse every barrier in your way of delivering the project. Thing is when client notices that you are interested in knowing more and more about the project then he tends to be more effective as well.

You should look to improve your Marketing Effectiveness approach. This approach/tool will let you know how far you have been successful in bidding and winning the jobs that best suit you.

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