Stay Hydrated With Reusable Squeeze Water Bottle!!!


Staying energized during sports or gym session is very imminent for optimum performance. A bottle filled with water is a blessing in disguise when you have drained a lot of sweat out of your body and need to synthesis. If you are a highly active person or an athlete or a hiker, you understand the importance of staying hydrated during the activity. Well, Powerade perfect squeeze water bottle is a perfect fit for your water needs in the mid of that hot sunny days or during an intense training session.

Why it is necessary to carry your squeeze water bottle?

Roughly 60% of our body constitutes water hence, it is very important to maintain fluid balance, which helps in regulating body temperature, digestion of food, and more. The easiest way to be with your water or favorite drink is to carry it along with you. Bottles like Powerade squeeze bottles are BPA free and safe to use. Here are the benefits of keeping the squeeze bottle throughout the day and drink enough water.

Reduce heart attack and heart stroke risk

Active players engage in high-intensity cardio activities, which increase their heartbeat to an extreme level. Adequate hydration helps in the prevention of blood clots and regulates the water supply. Excess salt gets flushed out of the body and keeps blood pressure in control. 


Helps in staying alert and hydrated

Drinking more water and staying hydrated on the field is very vital to improve cognitive abilities and mental functioning. Every game or sport or any physical activity requires alertness of mind. During hot summer days, water is imminent to avoid dehydration and fading of eyesight from bright sunlight. Squeeze Water Bottle is perfectly designed, keeping in mind the water needs of athletes, helps in sipping a small amount of water throughout the day.

Important for joint health

Water helps in keeping the cartilages around the joints healthy and hydrated. When the cartilage stays hydrated, the mobility of joints becomes easy.
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That’s why most of the athletes during explosive activities like weightlifting or running keep on quenching water/ sport drinks during breaks. Powerade water bottle gives mobility to drink water conveniently through sipper without splashing water on clothes.

Overcome sugar cravings

With sweat, a lot of nutrients get lost from your body, which increases sugar cravings, and to keep those cravings at bay, sipping water from your Powerade squeeze bottle is the best solution.

Product benefit of squeeze water bottle

  • Powerade squeeze water bottle 32oz is high-quality sports water bottle preferred by most of the sportspersons and athletes. For a great hydration solution, you can fill up the bottle with water and mix it with the Powerade sports drink.
  • The bottle is easy to use and made up of soft low-density plastic.
  • The one-way flow valve offers precise water flow from a wide-mouth Powerade cap.
  • Lightweight and easy to use and carry
  • The bottle is dishwasher safe 
  • Suitable all types of bottle cages like bicycles, bags, etc.
  • The sealing cap is waterproof and leak proof.
  • The molded grip design makes grip easy while being active.
  • Powerade water bottle is unlike single-use plastic bottles and can be reused after washing.

Closing lines

Water is essential for survival while staying hydrated is equally important. People living high active life should consume more water to combat water loss in the body and Powerade squeeze water bottle 32oz is your perfect workout or sports partner. Quench your thirst in style with easy grip water bottles. Stack them in your sports or gym bag and stay away from the tension of spilling. Powerade is among the most preferred squeeze water bottle brand among athletes. Grab your bottle today!!!

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