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Staying Safe In The Workplace: Top Safety Violations

The focus on safety in the workplace should not be underestimated in importance. Accidents are going to happen regardless of how many precautions are taken. The nature of some jobs are just more dangerous than others with unforeseen circumstances causing injuries. Safety violations can be few and far between at some businesses. Others can be a minefield of safety concerns with employees being injured on a regular basis. Adhering to state and federal safety guidelines is essential for all businesses. Below are common safety violations committed by employers. 

Enlisting The Help Of A Safety Training Company

A top safety violations could play a vital role in keeping the employees of a company/business safe. Keeping employees healthy could even be a part of this training. Staying warm in cold weather is an example of something that is covered by a safety training company. Safety education can be very important regardless of the risks the employees of a company take. A safety professional working with a company can be worth the investment. Zero injuries for years can be a huge draw for employees looking to find another place of employment. Understanding the importance of using a respirator is a great example of something a safety professional can bring to the table. 

The Importance Of Regular Trainings On Safety

Safety is always going to be of paramount importance in some industries like that of construction. Changes do happen with equipment and machinery that is being used. New machinery will always require safety training to be conducted. Even if an employee states they have used this equipment before, there are certain policies that a business might have versus another. 

There should be regular training that is built into the schedule for workplaces with the potential for injury. A digital marketing agency might not need safety training as sitting behind a computer doesn’t lend itself to danger. In these situations, compliance meetings should be set to go over items like emergency procedures. While this might seem unnecessary, understanding what to do in case of a fire or other emergency is important. 

Falls From Heights 

Employees that work in construction could be susceptible to falls from heights. These falls account for the majority of major injuries and deaths in the construction industry. Any employee that is going to be working at heights on ladders or other areas need to be trained according to OSHA guidelines. Workers that do roofing have to have a harness provided or personal fall arrest system. The employer should supply these with a lifeline connected. 

Preventing falls can also be impacted by forecasting realistic deadlines. Injuries can occur due to rushing from real or perceived pressure to complete the project as quickly as possible. 

Potential Injuries To The Face And Eyes

Facial protection when working in certain jobs is essential. An employee working with certain materials and tools can blind themselves or lose an eye.Thousands of people are blinded annually at their jobs which could have been prevented by right protection. The employer needs to require that employees wear eye protection when working with flying particles, metal, and chemicals. The eye protection should be closely fitted so as to not impede the movement of the wearer. The last thing an employer or employee wants is an injury due to protective equipment supposed to protect the employee. 

Failure To Communicate Safety Requirements Clearly

Safety requirements need to be communicated in a variety of ways. There should be videos, written instructions, and photo guidelines. Individuals absorb information in different ways so all learning styles should be catered to. These requirements and policies should also be updated regularly as things change. Outdated policies can lead to employees being injured or completing potentially dangerous tasks incorrectly. Putting an employee in charge of updating policies that takes a proactive approach is essential. Input from employees in a certain position is also important when it comes to creating safety procedures. 

Documentation When Employees Break Safety Rules

There are going to be employees that believe they know better and break safety rules. By putting themselves at risk, they are putting other employees and the company at risk. Documenting this is very important as showing a pattern of irresponsible behavior is very important. The documentation can help protect a business against a potential lawsuit filed by an injured employee. Policies are put into place to keep employees safe. Management that pushes productivity over safety should also be reprimanded and potentially terminated. 

Safety in the workplace should be a focus of any business or operations manager. Businesses need to make this a priority as numerous lawsuits could result in the bankruptcy of a company.

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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