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Step-By-Step Saudi Arabia Travel Guide

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People who are planning to visit Saudi Arabia should know there are so many amazing places that you can visit. But this country uses to have its separate cultures and beliefs that you might have to follow while visiting this country. Other than that, keep in mind that taking pictures and wearing revealing dresses are also not allowed in this country. So if you are planning to visit this place make sure you do a little research about it and then accordingly do packing for the trip. Here we are discussing about step by step Saudi Arabia guide that travellers should follow.

  1. When to visit Saudi Arabia: 

    The first thing that you should know about Saudi Arabia is to know when will be the best time to visit this place. Keep in mind that in this country, there will be dessert climate all around the year. So in that situation you should prefer to visit this country in winter season when there will be some rainfalls in this country. So yes in this type of pleasant weather conditions you can easily enjoy visiting the place as a traveller.

  1. Travelling around in Saudi Arabia: 

    While visiting this place keep in mind that women are not allowed to travel all alone. Infect it is very important that she travel with the family member from flights from London to Jeddah. Other than that women are not allowed to wear revealing dress, drive the car, or ride a bike. So you have to be extra careful about these types of situations and restriction. Other than that you should know that as a traveller you are not allowed to take pictures.

  1. Know about International airport: 

    Keep in mind that international flights use to arrive at three main airports in the country from which one is Riyadh (RUH) that is 35km away from the city. Second airport is present is Dhahran (DHA) that is 13 km from the city. And third international airport is present in Jeddah (JED) that is actually 19km away from the city.

  1. Food and drink in Saudi Arabia: 

    Another thing that you should know about Saudi Arabia is that here in this country you will get a chance to eat very delicious food. Food is available at very affordable rates. So yes, you should prefer to try it whenever you visit this place. The most delicious items that you should try in this country is grilled chicken, fool or fava bean paste other than that, you can also eat shawarma that might be beef or chicken.

  1. Saudi Arabia accommodation: 

    Another important thing that travellers want to know about this country is that here you will get very cheap accommodation. Actually, you can check into the hotels for accommodation only by showing them your passport. Keep in mind that in this country you will find so many youth hostels that are meant only for men, but most of them are present outside the city. If you are a camping lover then you can camp out in the Asir National Park.


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