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Steps A Professional SEO Service Provider Takes To Increase Your Website Reputation

When a business owner goes to a professional SEO company and hires them for the SEO, they start the process. It is generally seen that people take the SEO as a pool term that too on a large scale, but it is not right.

The SEO is done in various small steps by the Auckland SEO company. If you are interested to know the funnel of steps through which your website will be passed, then here you go. 


  • The first step that the professional company takes is to know your website's credentials and start studying your website in detail. They will cover plenty of things in this audit, i.e., your content, your management of the website home page, how you have managed all the keywords on the website and their insertion, and all the off-page reporting.
  • After that, they will draft a report based on their analysis and show you that these are the best things on your website, and these all are the shortcomings. According to that, they will proceed. 
  • Now they will ask you out that what your goals from this website are? They also require the information in detail of why you have started the website and your journey summary, your visitor’s interaction. According to this, they will take the next step. 
  • After that, they will try to form a strategy that will help you come close to their goals and eventually achieve them. They will then show the owners' strategies and get them approved, along with a figure of the expected results. 
  • After the approval starts the work of the real SEO where the Auckland SEO provider will make various changes one by one. 
  • The first changes will be on-page changes. They will start suggesting to you the time of the content and the type of content you must post. Later on, they will ask you out to rearrange so that the user-experience elevates. 
  • They will check the domain and the ranking of the page check out the reason behind such a low score and figure out how to improve it. They give you a list of backlinks that you have to remove, which uplifts the ranking. After you remove them successfully you will see that your ranking automatically increases.
  • When all the aspects of the on-page and the off-page SEO are over, they will come to the technical SEO. They will keep trying that the speed of the and how by removing some elements, this speed can be increased. 
  • Now they will look at the framework and the architecture of your website. It impacts the SEO, and they will inform you that you require a change in your architecture and your main requirement of the architecture according to the goals you have decided.
  • They will also optimize the website of yours according to the mobile phone as most of the users are from the mobile phone, and if they don’t improvise them, then the growth is impossible. 
  • They will check whether your site has a proper SSL encryption certificate or not. In case they don’t find one, they will provide you the sources and various ways to achieve this certificate. It will help you building customers' trust due to the absence of this certificate; sometimes, the customer jumps off from the website's payment page. 
  • Finally, they will check whether the website is registered with the search console or not. If they find that the website is not connected with the search console, they will register it as soon as possible.
  • Now when all these strategies are applied and executed by the company properly, then the final thing they will check is the result they have gained from the SEO. If the results are satisfactory, they will compile the reports and show it to the business that they have done this. In case the results are not satisfactory, they will change the strategies and apply the molded ones again.


The above mentioned is the complete funnel off steps through which from the one side your non-SEO website enters, and from the other end, the website comes out with full SEO, and all the techniques applied adequately.

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