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Steps Involved In ISO 14001 Certification Process And Consultancy Services Helping With Obtaining The Same

Business organizations all over the world have to ensure their work standards and work flow are standardized. They should manufacture products and provide services according to certain standards which have been put forward by international standards organization or ISO. The organization specifies certain work standard which must be followed by business organizations while making, selling and distributing their product and services. Moreover, there are certain standards which make an organization follow certain environmental norms which regulate their production and distribution activities.

All the rules and norms which are specified and complied within an internationally established standard is termed as ISO 14001. This standard or norm specifies that every business organization must follow certain environmental standards and norms in order to protect the environment. Moreover, their production activities must be performed in such a way that no harm is inflicted upon air, water and earth. All the natural resources are protected and completely safe from any kind of organizational or production damage. An organization can adopt these standards and obtain the necessary certificates to establish that they have accepted all the environmental norms. An organization can obtain ISO 14001 certification in order to establish their authority and responsibility towards environment and its resources.

ISO 14001 certification process can be long and daunting which may require help and support from a particular consultancy firm or organization. An organization can hire the help of a particular professional ISO certification consultancy firm which helps the business organization to follow all the necessary steps which ultimately helps them obtain ISO 14001 certification. The Counseling and consultancy firm helps a business organization with the following steps:

  1. Pre assessment tests:

A consultancy firm carries out a pre assessment test in order to identify the shortcomings which are affecting or acting as obstruction for the organization to get ISO 14001 certification. These shortcomings or drawbacks may be affecting their ability to obtain the necessary ISO 14001 certificates. They analyze all the gaps which affect the organization in obtaining the certification standards.

  1. Completion of Environmental documentation and submission of the necessary documents:

The consultancy firms help a business organization by providing assistance in completion of environmental standards certification forms and documents. Necessary documents for receiving ISO 14001 certification are filled and submitted with the authorities for obtaining ISO 14001 certification. The organization specifies details of every production activity and what they intend to do to remove gaps in obtaining ISO 14001 certification from international standardisation organization.

These documents may include environmental protection policies, work standards, employment and training schedules and contracts and all the necessary documentation which provides information about the environmental protection standards which organization aims to envisage and adopt in the future.

  1. EMS training:

Environment management system also necessitates training and education of employees and workers working within an organization. They need to be educated so that they can quickly adopt new and better methods of working and production of goods and services. Moreover, they are made aware of certain prerequisites which must be fulfilled before they obtain the ISO 14001 certification. Implementation of necessary environment protection standards and norms requires educating and training of employees which is possible with the help of consultancy firms.

 In order to obtain ISO 14001 Certification in India an organization must employ services of appropriate ISI certification consultancy firms.

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