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What Steps Shutter Blinds’ Companies Take for Installation?

When you hire window treatment companies, they just take the window’s measurements, cut the cloth, and install the shutter blinds on the windows.

But what you probably did not know is that many other points and essential steps have to be considered during the installation process.

Step One is Preparation for Shutter Blinds Installation

Preparing for the installation of window treatment is vital. The client has to clear furniture away that is blocking the windows and doors. The installation team has to make the following preparations.

  1. The installation team has to focus on several aspects of a window for the correct type of fitting. These aspects are the shape, size, whether the window is facing the sun directly, and what obstacles are in front of the window.
  2. The shape of the window is very critical for the correct measurement of the window treatment. Simple shapes like squares and rectangles are the easiest to measure. These window shapes are measured on three levels. 
  3. The weather in Australia has become extreme during the past several years. Bush and wildfires have increased causing a lot of damage. The outdoor patio blinds companies have to know if such damages threaten the property so that they can suggest the solution that offers the best protection.

The Second Step is Choosing Outdoor Shutter Blinds

After the first step, the installation team from window treatment dealers like Outdoor Blinds Southwest helps the clients determine which blinds and shutters will be the best to choose.

The selection of the colour has to be done according to the exterior walls of the house. People have neutral colours and different shades of whites painted on the exterior walls. The choice of colour has to be done according to the exterior design and decor of the house.

Third Step of Buying Shutters and Blinds

Although this step is for the clients to complete, window blinds and shutters’ companies can also help you with two crucial steps.

  1. If you have hired a certified team of installers, they will recommend the best window treatment companies. But if you have hired an installation team of accredited companies, they will handle the whole ordering process.
  2. In the quote form, you have to fill out your personal information, specifications of the window, measurement, type of window treatment, and write down special instructions concerning the shutters and blinds.

Installation is the Fourth Step

The installation team first makes sure that the space around the windows are cleared. Any kind of obstruction will make it difficult for the team to install shutter blinds.

The clients can move the obstacles away from the window with the help of the installation team. The blinds and shutters are either cut according to measurement or delivered custom-made to the clients.

Next are a few questions and answers to enhance the understanding of the installation process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install plantation shutters myself?

The whole process of installing shutter blinds and mainly plantation shutters involves several steps mentioned in the above points. Missing out even a single step will cause trouble afterwards. So, it is recommended to hire companies for the installation.

Is it OK to put shutters on the back of the house?

The window shutters and blinds come in various styles that look good, not only in the front windows but also in the back of the house. The shutters protect the home from external elements like sunlight, rain, wildfires, thieves, and dangerous animals. So, you can install the shutters even on the back windows.

Why do houses have fake shutters?

It is not understandable why people install fake shutters in their homes. Maybe the reason is that they want to impress others but don’t want to spend a large amount of money. The main disadvantage of having fake shutters is that you will not get the protection that the real ones give you.

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