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Steps To Sell Your House Right

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Selling your house and moving someplace else can be daunting –especially when you are busy finding a new property to buy simultaneously. Not only does the process of moving requires your time and energy, but every decision can either make you or cost you a lot.

When you are considering selling your house in Naperville, IL, there are many challenges (other than legal formalities). You can think about prepping your home, researching property values in your neighborhood, and think about the competition. With so much competition in the market, how can you make your home look appealing to potential buyers? Scroll down to find a step-by-step guide that can help you prep your home for the sale.

Do You Need To Sell The House?

If the reason behind selling your home is mainly lack of space, we suggest you look into alternatives first. You can look into getting a home extension, working on your attic, etc. If the cost of selling your home is more than any of the alternatives , save money by keeping your current house. If you have to sell your home, here's how  you can make the process simple and easy.

Research The Housing Market

The biggest mistake anyone makes before putting their home on the market is to sell it for less than it's worth – or to overprice it. Conduct thorough research online to understand the market value of homes in your neighborhood. You can even compare your home with other properties in your area to set the right price for your home.

Prep Time

The next logical step is to pick up the cleaning equipment and get on with cleaning your home. You can improve your property's curb appeal by removing clutter, dirt, and cobwebs from your walls and/or furnishings. You can even stage your home to make it attention-grabbing and interesting for buyers. Remember the adage: the first impression is the last impression (twice or thrice in some cases).

Do Necessary Repairs

If you want to attract buyers for your house for sale in Brookdale in Naperville, IL, it must be in mint condition. Your home might be a bit old and discolored here and there, but it's nothing you can't fix. While there is no limit to the repairs you can make, focus on major house repairs. Fix any leaks, cracks, missing roof shingles, discoloration, broken pipes or tiles, plumbing issues, and jammed doors and windows.

If it is within your budget, try applying a fresh coat of paint on your houses interior and exterior walls. It can make it look brand-new, extra appealing and inviting.

Find an Experienced Real Estate Company

If you are selling your home in Carillon Club, Naperville, IL, or somewhere else in Naperville, let us assure you that the competition is quite tough. The right real estate agent will market your selling points and organize an open house in Naperville, IL. Work with your agent to figure out the best marketing campaign for your property.


Look into a virtual tour options, open houses in Naperville, IL, or promote your property online. According to the National Association of Realtors, in2018, 50% of the property purchases were initiated online.

Negotiate with Potential Buyers

You may receive multiple offers based on the pricing and property's appearance . Don't rush your decision or ignore any offer, even if it is relatively lower than your listing. Instead, negotiate with the buyer by presenting a counteroffer. Don't hesitate to make a competitive market offer to the buyer. You can also remove the right of first refusal (ROFR) clause, ensuring that you don't have to wait around for the buyer.

Get a Home Inspection

Your agent can provide you a home inspection checklist whenever you are ready to list your property. The checklist will help you prepare everything before the inspector visits your house. Ensure that your attic, basement, and garage is clean and prepared for inspection. Ensure that there is a proper path for the inspector to move across the room.

Prepare for the Move

Finding the right buyer for your property in Naperville can be challenging, but we hope that the above points will make your home selling journey smoother. Ensure that you don't leave behind anything essential and double-check your house before leaving.

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