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Steps to Take After Suffering Sexual Harassment

The Seriousness of Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is not to be taken lightly, and never think that this problem for you will disappear. If anything, when you experience sexual harassment, especially in the workplace, the situation grows direr as the days pass if you do nothing to curb this behavior by another person. Sexual harassment also happens outside the workplace.

The perpetrator may or may not understand how their actions affect another individual. Most times, the perpetrator understands their actions fully, but they do not care as long as they get what they want. The perpetrator's actions go way beyond sexual harassment, rudeness, obnoxiousness, and unacceptable actions.

Sexual harassment can, by all accounts, decrease your work performance and create a hostile, intimidating, and an offensive workplace for you, the victim. If you like your job and you enjoy going to work, but you must fight off someone every day due to sexual harassment, you need to seek legal counsel to help you in your fight to clean up the workplace, especially if your employer does nothing to help you. Perhaps it is your employer who is the offending person. We can help you in this fight. Never allow someone to get away with sexual harassment towards you or another person.

The definition of sexual harassment instances is extensive. Listed are only a few explanations for this type of harassment. 

  • Pressure on you for sexual favors

  • Verbal or physical conduct, sexual in nature

  • Unwelcome sexual advances happen when someone's behavior toward you is unwelcome or did you welcome certain things, such as an off-color joke or a six-oriented comment by another directed to you? 

This action can be visual, verbal, emotional, and physical in nature. Sexual harassment can include many things, such as the following.

  • Rape or attempted rape

  • Pressure on you for sexual favors

  • Inappropriate touching that may be a deliberate action

  • Intrusion into your private space, standing uncomfortably close

  • Sexual looks, gestures towards you

  • Inappropriate touching by another person

  • Unwanted sexual letters or calls

  • Pressuring you for a date

  • Whistling at you or calling out sexual comments

  • Threatening job termination for not participating in sexual advances

Sexual Harassment in California

The amazing thing is that over 80 percent or more of all women in California have experienced sexual harassment. Over 50 percent and more of all men in California have experienced sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is a serious offense nationwide. In California, sexual harassment is all too common.

These actions cannot be dealt with until the victim steps forward and files a claim for these unacceptable actions. You must fight back, or sexual harassment will continue to hurt you far into your future. Every type of workplace falls victim to other individuals' actions. 

Sexual harassers can strike anywhere and at any time and it should never happen in the workforce. Employees have the right to go to work in peace and not have to endure sexual harassment. It is often the victim that may be terminated from their job, which is a great injustice. Somewhere in this mess, the victim experiences pressure to quit their job for fear of losing respect or credibility from coworkers and bosses. 

Seeking justice for the wrongs of another individual is not an easy path to take. In today's society, the justice system seems to turn upside down, taking the perpetrator's side and terminating the victim from a job they may enjoy. It seems as though society is too quick to normalize sexual harassment actions. However, there are enough of California's populace that will not stand down from sexual harassment. 

Actions Against Sexual Harassment

When legal action is taken against sexual harassers, almost 100 percent of all victims find justice, and they win cases. Our sexual harassment attorneys know that for victims to step forward is overwhelming. However, we are devoted, compassionate, excellent listeners, and empathetic to the cause of bringing justice for these wrong actions, and we win cases, stopping sexual harassment in its tracks. 

Sexual harassment cases, for the most part, are complex and complicated. When you report and bring a claim against a perpetrator, you may experience, a list of emotions such as, 

  • Fear of retribution by the perpetrator

  • Embarrassment

  • Pain and suffering

  • Fear of termination from your job

  • Possible alienation by coworkers on the job

  • Not wanting to go into your workplace

  • Pressure from your employer to dismiss your claim

We understand that a sexual harassment claim is painful, and no claim is the same. Each situation has different particulars. We remain close by your side, giving you the understanding, emotional support, and guidance you need, from the beginning to the end of your claim and forward into the future. Remember, the law is on your side. 

Never fight a sexual harassment claim on your own accord as you have a slim chance of winning your case in court. Never think that the perpetrator will not have their seasoned attorney by their side. These cases are too complicated and complex to consider self-representation. The law says that you are to be free of this discriminatory behavior in the workplace. You must seek a seasoned, licensed, qualified, and skilled attorney, whose expertise is handling sexual harassment cases.

According to California law, there are two types of sexual harassment.

  • Creating a hostile work environment that brings you daily offensive and unwanted actions by an individual. This type of harassment takes away your job security and brings about intimidation and hostility. Often, sexual harassment comes to a "this for that" proposition. For example, if you do this for me, I will do this for you! Otherwise, you accept this lewd behavior for a promotion you want or increased work-related benefits, increased salary, or much more. 

  • The Department of Justice also sees sexual harassment in gender identity, race, religious affiliation, a pregnancy, a unique medical condition or illness, and more.

Recouping Damages from Sexual Harassment

When you decide you have had enough sexual harassment and file a claim for such, you are entitled to many benefits, such as in the following examples. 

  • Backpay

  • Back benefits

  • Financial damages

  • Unfair termination

  • Neglected well-deserved promotions 

  • Pain, suffering, and emotional distress

  • Punishment of the accused

  • Your attorney and litigation fees are paid by the perpetrator.

  • Possibly receive significant punitive damages caused by the wrongful actions of the perpetrator. We weigh all of your options and your ability to receive fair and just compensation. 

A Call to Action to Stop Sexual Harassment

Please never let fear interfere with the justice you seek. We want you to know what you need to do to prove sexual harassment. We understand your anxiety and reluctance to file a claim. The following steps are what you can take to send a powerful message to the perpetrator and other individuals fighting sexual harassment. It would be best if you did the following to stop this harassment.

  • Document fully every instance of sexual harassment, date, time, and what happened, including your response and the perpetrator's response.

  • Note the circumstances

  • Who was involved in each episode of harassment? 

  • Where did the harassment occur?

  • Were there witnesses to the harassment?


Call our Sexual Harassment Attorneys at the Gilleon Law Firm so we can go over your case and put a winning plan into action. We will defend your right to a peaceful existence in the workplace, at home, and in society. We stand ready to help and guide you through this difficult time.

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