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Stone Benchtops - Add Aesthetic Value To Kitchen

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The kitchen is also a very important part of anyone’s house Food gets prepared in Kitchen so it is an integral part of any house. Benchtops at kitchen help doing an array of kitchen chores and also one can enjoy quality time with family members while preparing the meal at the kitchen. Benchtops can be made using different materials but stone benchtops are in good demand. Stone benchtops are durable and you can find different kinds of stone benchtops such as granite, marble, natural stone and engineered stone benchtops in the market.

Why Use Stone Benchtops in Kitchens?

  • Small as well as significant kitchen tasks like chopping, cutting, mixing, cooking etc can be done on the kitchen benchtop. If you install a scratch resistant stone benchtop in your kitchen then you can also use the same as your chopping board.
  • It helps the cook and the dear ones around stay connected and keep chatting while the kitchen activities are being done by the cook. It can be used advantageously as your snack-bar.
  • You can also install an ‘L’ shaped stone benchtop in your kitchen and use the rest area of your benchtop as the breakfast table. Through this way, you can save your kitchen space and decorate the area with some contemporary look.

Why Use Stone Kitchen Bench – Tops or Surface?

A lot many reasons have attracted people’s attention to stone kitchen surface compared to other kitchen benchtop materials used. Some of the benefits of stone benchtops are:

  • They look elegant, sophisticated and add aesthetic value to any house.
  • Different options on stone selection are available and this gives house owners flexible options to browse through.
  • Stone benchtops happen to highly scratch and wear resistant compared to laminated ones.
  • Engineered stone options offer great versatility. You will find many colorful engineered stone benchtops on the market.
  • Stone benchtops are durable and look luxurious. They can enhance the look of your kitchen and you can easily clean and maintain these benchtops in a normal way.

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What are the Different Stone Types Suitable for Building Benchtops?

  • Marble- it is a natural stone option that looks and feels really very elegant and sophisticated. A bit expensive option it is surely. It happens to be one of the least expensive natural kitchen surfaces. It is delicate and porous so regular sealing and maintenance cannot be ignored. They can, however, develop scratches and stains easily if something acidic stays in direct contact with it for long hours.
  • Granite- they are highly durable and can be availed of a wide range of color and pattern options. It feels luxurious and looks very attractive. This is a natural stone surface option, like marble. For ensuring adequate maintenance, use only neutral pH cleaners on kitchen granite benchtop, and always avoid acidic or alkaline cleaners. For maintaining its non-porous surface, one has to make sure that occasional resealing is done. They have excellent heat resistant capacity. Apart from that, you can also use the engineered stone benchtops in your kitchen because they are durable and long-lasting than granite and marble benchtops.

What to Consider While Planning Kitchen Benchtop?

  • 10-15% of entire kitchen renovation budget should be set aside for investing in kitchen benchtop. It is an important part of your kitchen so sufficient funds for its construction and installation should not be compromised with.
  • Using varied color on kitchen countertops can add an interesting look to your kitchen. The different color can be helpful in compartmentalizing different kitchen chores done on benchtops.
  • Engineered stones can be good options. This material has been developed to bear stains and heat.

Now you can search these benchtops online and choose the best one according to your needs and budget.

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