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Stop Posting Family Pictures – Minimize the Security Risks | Android Spyware

Families often make plans for bar-b-que or take unlimited photos and make videos at family events. But our teens and kids often post such family pictures on social media platforms. Why? Well, some users post such photos to share the experience of having fun with cousins and loved ones. But some people only upload personal data to get more likes. Yes, it happens that a user goes beyond the imagination to get the likes or become visible. There are many consequences to posts family photos on social media. It might be possible if a member posts a photo with his brother, but he is not looking cute. He can get tortured by his other cousins and online friends.

Our young generation takes every step without thinking about its side effects. Parents also post family pictures and involve young kids before they become active on social media. It is like an electronic paper trail where every photo has a digital footprint.

We will discuss some important reasons why we should not post family pictures. Parents should also monitor the kids using android spyware.

Identity Theft

Many fake profiles reveal that online users create such accounts and use someone else name. They also use photos of children and pretend to be their parents. It is upsetting when parents come to know that someone is claiming to be the parents of your child. Such social media profiles attract many followers.

Online Predation – Kids at High Risk

It might be possible that such shared photos build a link with online predators. Yes, when kids post photos and videos, sexual predators use the comment section to communicate and earn the confidence of the child. They ask the children for more good pictures, and it leads to commercial sexual acts.

Cyber Bullying – Urge a Child to Self-Harm

Peers often make fun of each other, but sometimes, such bullying behavior takes the life of many people. Many kids do not stand the bully behavior and do not meet other people. There were many cases reported about the suicide attempts of youth. For example, a child is washing a car in a photo, but his friends or peers make fun of him. What’s the result? Well, such situations often lead to self-harm.

What Should We Do?

All we can do is to learn social media etiquette.
1 – Never Geotag Your photos, or it will show location and predators can reach your kids.
2 – Teach your kids that they should not posts short-dressed photos on social media.
3 – Use privacy settings and limit the access of other people.
4 – Check the viewers of your photos and videos.
5 – Mark your photos or anyone who claim those pictures.

We can’t forbid internet usage, but we can take safety precautions to prevent cyber dangers. Growing crime rates tell us to behave appropriately on social media if we want to stay safe. Parents also should not post every picture as it can bring harm to the kids. Geotags allow the online predators to stalk your kids. That’s why we should think twice when we post pictures.

Get Help from Android Spy App

If parents want to secure the kids from cyber threats dangers of the online world, they can install the android spyware on their phones. It only requires the installation and the next step is to start monitoring with only a few clicks. Now, we can limit access to social networking sites and block access to inappropriate websites.

Wrapping Up

Beware! We are not safe on social media.
We often hear about the cyber dangers for kids, but such threats can also harm the adults. We shouldn’t share private pictures on social media platforms without privacy settings. Once you post a photo, it will lose control of your data. We also should install the android spyware in the kids’ phones for monitoring their online activities.

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