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Grocery shopping technology is growing at a fast rate. The lack of time and the requirement of ultra-convenience to shop are some of the  factors contributing to high-tech advancements. The scenario where shoppers used to spend hours plodding has become a thing of the past. Retail evolution is being started with augmented reality and robots. GroceryTech, ShopTech / RetailTech and MarTech startups are  taking the consumer goods  and overall grocery industry to the next level. There are grocery-related technologies that retailers should swear by to remain competitive.


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1. Augmented Reality & Artificial Intelligence

Retailers are expected to spend $7.3 billion on Artificial Intelligence by 2022 because AI and AR are transforming the in-store shopping experience. They offer a multi-billion-dollar opportunity to retailers and shoppers. There are smartphone apps that help to read price and nutritional information with AR. Also, the ease of navigation and saving valuable time are other advantages of using augmented reality.

2. Personalization

Online portals can easily track and analyze the history of the shopper to design repeatable baskets. Hence, you can drive consistent sales volumes from customers and save a lot of time. You can also suggest products to the customer based on their interest and compatible with the customer’s shopping cart—personalized digital coupons based on geographic interests and purchasing behaviour help give a scannable shopping list. 

3. Trade Marketing Robotics For Grocery Stores

Robots are doing a lot and increasing product awareness & sales. There are in-store marketing robots that are increasing sales by 200% with the help of light, sound and motion technology. 

Tokinomo is the ultimate in-store shopper engagement tool offering an easy to use advertising solution. The best thing is that you can customize the robots to communicate your FMCG brand benefit. Robots are smart as they detect shoppers approaching the product at the shelf. They transform normal shelves to speaking shelves. They bring the product to life and forms a lasting impression on their mind. Hence, they remember the product and are more likely to make the purchase.

4. Consumer Insights and Data Analytics

Data is a valuable component to personalize the shopping experience, and analysing it will improve their bottom line. From stocking strategies to competent staffing, analysing customer data can influence many decisions of your organization. The advancement in technology can give the entire report with a few clicks—nothing to worry about.

5. In-store Wi-Fi

Who doesn’t like free internet? The retailers who instituted in-store customer Wi-Fi saw increased participation of 28% and a 2% increase in sales. One of the best things was a rise in the time spent in stores. Customers and employees can find more information about products quickly and make easy decisions.

6. Voice-Activated Experiences

Voice interaction is a service innovation that offers limitless opportunities. The number of smart speaker users is rising and with the new technology's help, grocers can provide a hands-free experience to access different ways of marketing their recipes. The grocery retail technologies are multiplying, and retailers should adapt to them to keep pace with the competition.

7. Unattended Deliveries

Are you among those who stay out of home for a significant part of the day? Yeah, we understand that no one likes to wait for the food to arrive after a long and tiring day. In-home delivery service in the pilot is there to save you from excessive hunger. You can use a smart lock to set a temporary code. The driver would receive the code when they reach the destination. By entering the code, the driver will put perishable or frozen foods into your fridge. Then the code will immediately expire the moment the delivery is complete.

The Bottom Line

These are the best seven technologies that can drive sales and a good customer experience for you. In addition, retailtainment is another strategy used by many companies to provide customers with unique and fun experiences. As per your store and business, offer them retailtainment (retail + entertainment) as per this example from Tokinomo blog For example, using humans instead of mannequins is a way some companies have been trying something interesting. Showing them what is not used to is another way to make customers retain your business. Make a long-lasting impression and attract shoppers with the help of these tried and tested tips. 

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