Monday, December 11, 2023

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Mom Discovers Strange Holes In Baby’s Nose — You Will Be Amazed to Know the Truth 

Today I will share with you an incredible ‘Holes in Baby’s Nose’ story. 

Susan and Roy had a peaceful life. Everything was going on smoothly. She was a 40-year old lady and a single mother. When Susan was pregnant, her boyfriend left her. So, the man did not get the news of Roy’s birth. Roy loved Susan dearly and was a joyous baby. 

One morning, Susan noticed Roy was sobbing while scratching his nose. She came closer to check if anything had gone into his nose. To her surprise, she discovered tiny holes in his son’s nose. Susan tried to remove those holes but failed. Roy started crying loudly as soon as Susan touched his nose. Susan decided to consult a doctor. 

It was not like another day

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Susan was a single mother and happy with her child. However, she was looking for a boyfriend or even a husband. The night before she saw the holes in the nose, she went on a date. The man was nice and pleasant. They had a beautiful evening and she returned home late. She didn’t invite him in.

The next morning, she got up from the bed earlier. She was feeling happy due to a wonderful date with the handsome man the previous night. It was when Susan was busy preparing breakfast, she heard Roy crying. She rushed to his room. On being asked, Roy replied that he was having pain in his nose. 

Susan checked to figure out what it could be. She discovered some tiny holes in his nose. Susan felt nervous. The holes seemed to have something in them. Roy was constantly scratching his nose. As soon as she touched his nose, he started crying loudly. 

Susan was at a loss. She was not that kind of mother who used to take her son to a doctor at the drop of a hat. But she was feeling nervous because she had never seen or heard such a thing. “What could have happened to him?”

Susan took her tweezers out of a box and tried to pull out what was inside. That produced no result and on the contrary, Roy started crying inconsolably. Susan stopped her DIY treatment. She looked through the nostrils and felt that the holes were getting harder and spreading as well. She decided to visit a doctor. 

She waited for hours

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She dialled the number of a specialist and fortunately the doctor managed to schedule an emergency appointment but in a few hours. She felt helpless. She had no way but to wait. Roy was still crying but occasionally. “That was a good thing”, she thought. 

A few hours later, both got in the car and headed to the hospital. Roy was crying in pain and started scratching his nose again. After reaching the hospital, Susan had another bad experience. The waiting room was full of patients. “Will the doctor be able to keep his appointment?” She was panicking.  

After a few minutes, the doctor called them inside. Roy was crying no longer and Susan felt relieved. She was sure the doctor would find a cure for her son. However, little did she know that the situation would be going tougher for them.  

The doctor looked inside Roy’s nose. He found strange holes in baby’s nostrils. He had no idea what those holes were. He told Susan that some tests were needed for investigation. The doctor took a swab from Roy’s nose and sent it to the lab. Susan and Roy were sent to another room.

The doctor came in a little later. He asked Susan if she had noticed any change in the last couple of days. He queried if Roy had taken a different diet in his breakfast, lunch or dinner or come in contact with something bizarre. Susan could not remember anything harmful that they had taken or come in touch with. 

Susan could remember only one thing. She took Roy for hiking a few days ago. They went along a known route taken by all the people from the town. Roy touched nothing and the hiking went uneventful. 

Test reports came 

test report-BMH

Soon the doctor got the reports of the medical tests done a few minutes earlier. All the reports were okay. Everything was fine and it left a few creases of worries on the doctor’s forehead. Meanwhile, Roy was crying incessantly due to intense pain. 

The doctor told Susan they needed to do more tests and till then, Susan would have to wait in the room. They took Roy to a separate room. Susan was not happy but could not do anything about it. 

The doctor formed a team with his colleagues. He suspected something serious and so wanted to solve the problem together with the other E.N. T. experts. 

They googled but could not find anything like that, let alone a solution to the problem. All of them consulted medical books, exchanged their thoughts and experiences with each other but no solution came out. 

The doctor posted about the problem on all the websites related to weird paediatric issues. He even dropped his personal contact number on the websites so that anyone with knowledge of such a problem could contact him. 

Nothing happened. And then, a call came!

incoming call from unknown caller-BMH

He got a call from Mexico. It was from another doctor working there. He explained a few things and the doctor’s face turned pale. It was scary and he had no idea what to do. The doctor from Mexico told him about some useful tests that could confirm the hypothesis.

The doctor rushed inside and told his colleagues everything. They were hurrying up to do those tests immediately. But first, the doctor dialled 911. Susan was panicking in the room as she had no way to know what was going on inside. 

When Susan was waiting, two women came and started spraying some liquid on the walls, couch, door knobs and almost everything else. It smelt like medicinal alcohol. 

The women were wearing masks, which triggers Susan’s suspicion. She asked them why they were disinfecting everything but no answer came. Were all these related to the strange holes in baby’s nose?

Susan got angry and started shouting at them. Her son was in the next room. She was growing anxious to see him. No one was talking to her. She felt ignored. She wanted to get her son back. 

Susan was kicking the door of the next room. She broke the door and got inside. However, she could not find his son. Nobody was there. “Where has my son gone?” She started crying, with her heart racing like never before. 

The police came

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As soon as Susan exited the hallway, she came face to face with two police officers. Susan noticed both were wearing gloves and masks. They, instead of comforting her, pulled out their weapons and asked her to lie down on the ground. 

It was too scary! Susan obeyed their orders as she feared for her life. She was crying all the time. Susan tried to explain she just wanted to know if her son was fine. “I want him back. “Why are you doing this to me?” 

“You will find all the answers soon”, one officer told Susan. They took Susan back to the room. They asked her to sit down and wait. “The doctor will come soon and explain everything”. 

Susan was upset. She was sobbing all the time. The police officers kept an eye on her. There was nothing she could do. 

“What if the doctor gives her some bad news? How is Roy? Where is he?” All these questions were bubbling in her mind and she found none to get answers from. She must know if anything was wrong with her child.

Finally, she saw the doctor 


The doctor came. He apologised to Susan for having kept her in the dark so long. He said he had some good news for her. The good news was he knew the culprit behind such a bizarre physical condition of her son.  

With good news, came some bad news too. The doctor revealed that Roy’s condition was serious and they must act fast to save his life. Hence, he urged Susan to obey everything she would be asked to do. He also explained why he had called in the police. 

From their professional experience, the doctors knew that it was not possible for a mother to stay calm in such a situation. “In fact, mothers often make trouble when their children are in serious condition. It kills time and we don’t have enough time to calm you down. This is why we called the police in”. 

Susan felt relieved. But then, the doctor told her there was another reason for calling the police. “We need their help in such a situation”. For a few seconds, Susan thought she might be held responsible for whatever had happened to her son.

Susan could not believe it

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The doctor comforted her by saying that she was, in no way, responsible for her son’s condition. However, the problem started when the mother-son duo went hiking a few days ago. When the doctor explained everything, it sounded weird to her. 

At first, Susan thought she should not have taken Roy for hiking. He was not a grown-up boy. Roy was always stuck inside. She just wanted him to enjoy the wild beauty of nature so that he had a rendezvous with the outer world. 

The doctor said that a strange virus had caused the holes in baby’s nose.

His condition was getting worse 

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Roy’s condition was rapidly deteriorating. He had difficulty breathing. The holes inside his nose were getting bigger and thicker. On top of that, those holes started releasing fluid. 

The doctor told Susan about a possible cure that he had come to know from his colleague. It was a rare but strong virus. Not many doctors knew about it. “There might be a cure but not all hospitals are equipped with what can solve the problem”. 

The staff in the hospitals started making calls. Soon they had some good news. The doctors found a treatment. However, they told Susan bluntly that Roy had a 50:50 chance for survival. They must act fast. 

Roy was shifted to another hospital

how to start a hospital in india-BMH

The doctor came to know about a hospital where the kind of treatment that could save Roy’s life was available. He contacted the hospital authority and within a few minutes, the boy was rushed to the second hospital.

The doctors were hopeful that Roy would survive and for that to happen, immediate treatment was the only solution. 

Treatment started 


The doctors in the second hospital did not delay in starting treatment. They were keeping a constant watch on Roy to check if the boy was responding to new medications. 

Fortunately, Susan was allowed to see her child. However, Roy was not responding. His movements were a few and far between. Now there were only two things that could happen to Roy. 

The first one: Roy would feel better due to decreasing virus cells. The second one: Roy’s condition would remain unchanged. 

I know readers are feeling anxious to know what happened to the boy after the first dose was applied. Surprisingly, neither of the above-stated possibilities happened.  

Roy’s condition was constantly deteriorating 

shutterstock 114519565-BMH

Roy’s condition, instead of improving or being stable, started deteriorating even more. The doctors almost gave up hope. They were blaming themselves. 

“If we could have started sooner, the boy might have been on his way to recovery”, they were discussing. 

Now it seemed that all treatments had failed. Roy’s life was hanging in the balance. Susan burst out crying. “How can I live without him? Oh God, please save him. Please don’t take him away from me”. 

For a minute, the doctor looked puzzled. But then, he made a bold decision. He tried to do what he should refrain from doing. He gave Roy another dose. He hoped things would change for the better. And it happened. 

The second does worked

press release high virus count lungs drives covid 19 deaths-BMH

The doctors were continuously doing tests to check virus count in the boy’s blood. At first, the report showed a rapid jump in their number. However, the count remained unchanged in the second test. 

It was a positive thing. The odds might have started working in Roy’s favour. After hours’ of struggle, the doctors now saw a ray of hope. 

However, there could be a possibility that the virus cells would start multiplying again. In that case, the boy won’t make it! The condition remained stable for a few hours and then changed. 

Virus bowed out

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The doctor was happy to see the next report. The virus count dropped dramatically. Soon, there was no trace of virus cells in his blood. The doctor was relieved. It meant Roy would soon get well. They shared the information with Susan. She burst into tears but this time, out of joy. 

A few minutes later, Roy opened his eyes slowly. With gestures, he tried to say he was feeling hungry. The doctors asked Susan to come into the room and feed her boy. 

Tears were rolling down Susan’s checks. “Don’t cry mom, I’m getting well”, Roy’s eyes tried to comfort his mother. 

With time passing away, Roy was feeling much better. He was smiling again. The doctors were happy with the result. Police left the hospital. Susan had one of her hands placed on Roy’s head as if to tell him “there is nothing to worry any more”. 

Now the time came when the doctor looked inside the nose. You will be thrilled to know what they found. 

No holes in the nose

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As soon as the doctor looked inside Roy’s nose, he saw no strange holes in baby’s nostrils. He conveyed the news to Susan and she was extremely happy. Roy was now cured and would soon be discharged from the hospital. 

The doctors at the hospital decided to continue monitoring Roy’s condition for a few more hours. He had to stay at the hospital for 2 more days before being discharged. 

Susan refused to go to the forest


Roy’s condition made news headlines as it was brought about by a rare virus. After they got back home, some men came to Susan and requested her to go to the forest. She was reluctant. 

She told them that she along with her boy went there and explained about what happened next. They went away without saying anything further. 

They looked everywhere 

if you know someone who is always suspicious and holds grudges they may have ppd-BMH

They looked everywhere without having any idea about what to look for. The only thing they knew was that something unusual had caused the problem. They wore hazmat sits to stay safe. The virus is contagious and can infect millions. 

They searched in nearby areas as well but could not find anything suspicious. A man sat down on the ground. Suddenly, he saw something in the bush. “Is it the monster that caused all the troubles?” 

He shouted to other men. All of them saw the thing. However, no one could confirm if it was the thing behind such a dramatic health hazard of the young child. 

Summary: A mother found strange holes in baby’s nose. It was caused by a rare virus. The boy’s condition was worsening. This blog post tells you how the doctors tried relentlessly to give him a lease of life. 

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