4 Effective Marketing Strategies To Promote Your Travel Startup


You always wanted to become an entrepreneur but was not sure about which industry you should target. Your love for travel made your choice easier and you decided to choose your passion as your business. After laying the foundation of your travel startup, you realized that it is one of the most difficult niches to succeed in and you start to question your decision.

The competition is fierce in the industry. There are hundreds of travel agents so why someone would come to you. You will have to deliver better value to customers and make your business stand out from the crowd to get noticed. With holiday bookings being a once in a year, you will have to focus on other forms of travel such as business travel or adventure travel.

You are competition with the giants in the industry and don’t have the financial resource that they enjoy. How can you promote your travel startup in such a situation? In this article, you will find the answer to this question as we share four effective marketing strategies to promote your startup.

So, if you are on a tight budget and still want to promote your startup, use some of these below mentioned affordable marketing strategies to attract more customers.

1. Social Media

Companies who don’t have a big marketing budget should look for direct outreach as it is one of the most cost-effective ways to attract new customers. Things have changes since the inception of social media. With half of the world’s population actively using social media, it becomes an obvious choice.

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Use social listening techniques and keep an eye on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram hashtags. This will help you identify travelers who have specific needs such as travelers who want to enjoy dhow cruise marina, so you can target them more effectively by searching for people who used those hashtags. Promote your offers and give a discount and share it on social media to let the world know about it.

By using social media for direct outreach, you can target those customers who might not have been exposed to your marketing campaign run through other marketing channels. This way, you can attract more new customers and it also works whether you are destination specific startup or online travel agency that offer wide range of packages to choose from.

2. Positive Reviews Does Matter

With internet on their side, travelers can not only get all the information they need about a hotel, tourist attraction or restaurant but can also read reviews from users who have experienced the service. They can also see ratings which would help them decide whether they should invest their money on it or not.

As a travel startup, you need to focus your attention on getting positive reviews and higher ratings from your satisfied customers. Let’s say a traveler have to hire a yacht in Dubai, they will search for reviews and choose a company that have many positive reviews and less negative reviews.

The more positive reviews you have or the higher rating you have, the easier would it be for you to attract new customers. Most travelers trust these reviews and ratings and might search different websites to read them.

3. Search Engine Marketing

What do you do when you have to search for information? You use the search engines. Majority of people does that, right. Why not use search engine marketing and search engine optimization to get more exposure for your travel startup. Search engine optimization is free while the search engine marketing is paid. Depending on how you manage your budget, you can achieve some great results with search engine marketing.

Do some keyword research on what terms users are using and target those keywords to boost your search engine rankings. The higher you rank on search engines, the more clicks you get and the more customers you can attract.

4. Side Project Marketing

LP Maurice, CEO and founder of BusBud, an online bus booking service regularly organized events such as hackathon for developers to create new travel solutions by using their own API. This has led to creation of great tools which help passengers. A tool to compare prices of road and air travel on a particular route and a tool that let you find $1 bus ticket have already been created, thanks to this hackathon.

Not only can these tools go viral in no time, bringing more new customers but it can complement your existing services perfectly. Here’s what Maurice had to say, “Such projects are a unique and innovative way to reach out to new customers.

How do you market your travel startup on a tight budget? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.