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Structural Damages: How Does It Affect the Property Value?

Structural defects nowadays are very common in residential and commercial buildings. It is the outcome of poor construction and improper design. Some of the structural issues that impact the property value include cracks on floors and walls, chipped plaster walls, and water seepage to name a few. As a buyer, check for structural damage before buying a property. A home inspector can solve your problem as he is trained to assess the properties and report his findings.

A home inspection in Orlando involves an assessment of the property’s condition which is being sold, rented or bought. The home inspection service is highly prevalent in many countries and especially in the United States. Buyers are keen to know every single detail related to the condition of the house or commercial property they are keen to buy.

An inspection on structural parts such as the foundation, roof, insulation, windows, basements, doors and the attic is performed. Besides, heating and cooling systems, plumbing and electrical appliances are inspected to check if they are in working condition. After the process is complete, a detailed report is generated for homebuyers to go ahead with the deal or keep it on hold based on the findings.

Structural Defects

Poor Foundation: It’s needless to say that foundation is the root of any property. To make the house strong and sound in terms of its structure, it needs a good roof and foundation framing. Some of the signs that show that the foundation of the house is poor include the following:

  • Doors and windows cannot be closed
  • Insufficient draining from the building’s foundation
  • Flaking or crumbling concrete with gaps and ruptures
  • Sagging and sloping of foundation walls or floors
  • Existence of trees close to the building leading to destabilisation of its drains and foundation

Wall Cracks : When the temperature and moisture varies, it leads to shrinkage and expansion of the concrete frequently. As a result, it causes cracks on the walls. There may be minor cracks which are harmless and cannot be detected easily. But, if the hairline crack begins to open after some time, it can be a matter of concern as it damages the foundation. One of the common structural problems is multiple cracks in all rooms.

Defective Plumbing: Faults in the plumbing system mostly takes place as the piping material may be incompatible or of poor quality besides waste lines and faulty fixtures. Fixtures when improperly installed often leads to toilet leakage, shower pan leaks and clogged drains. Speak to the engineer to check if there is deterioration on the pipe’s condition and also assess water leaks with the help of a moisture meter.

Electric Wiring Done Improperly: When the electrical wiring is improperly done, it leads to inadequate power, risky wiring connections and no overload security. When you hire an engineer, an audit would be carried out to scan cables, circuits and more.

Non-Functional Air-Conditioning Heating And Cooling Systems: When there is a defect in the cooling or heating systems, they don’t function as they are supposed to. Consequently, members residing in the house will be inconvenienced.  

Floor Defects: The grout doesn’t hold the tile to the flooring, seepage issue from the exterior or under the foundation, cracked tile begins to widen up, and hardwood floor buckling are some of the examples of inappropriate floor framework.

Thus these are the most common structural issues one may face if the foundation is not solid. When there are so many defects, a homebuyer will give it a second thought to purchase the property. Therefore, these defects should be rectified before you decide to sell it. 

Eada Hudes
Eada Hudes
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