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Student Hostel Vs Student PG - The Five Key Differentiators

It has always been a debate on what sort of living standards are justifiably, the simplest for us depending first and foremost on the budget then on the idea of individual pre-requisites. Are we contemplating a lot? But it's something we need to do, especially if we are aspiring candidates of the longer term trying to aim big and score well academically. It gets furthermore difficult for university students as they need to settle between living during a hostel or paying guest (PG) accommodation. To assist in making a sound decision, it becomes mandatory to think about the facts first, before you cast about the bush. Get mindful of the 5 key differentiators and make an honest comparison between the 2 , before occupation at you ideal lebensraum .

Living Spaces for Students

When it involves the living area and customary spaces, hostels have bigger space and more area to inhale easily after gruelling study hours. Student accommodation often refers to small enclosed areas and rooms available for twin or triple occupancy. The washrooms and kitchens are shared by all the residents. A student hostel is somewhat different. There are purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) or student hostels designed for max comfort where there's the choice to book individual studios with private washrooms, ensuite rooms with separate washrooms or shared living spaces.

Rental Price

The type of best student accommodation search whether a student hostel or student PG, totally depends on the budget. A paying guest accommodation is going to be a comparatively cheaper option where the rooms are shared and do us the rent. The residents have the choice of selecting the sort of amenities they might wish to use but unlike Hostels, PGs charge extra for the amenities.


Meals are yet one more factor that creates an enormous difference once you need to choose from hostels or PGs. Compared to PGs, hostels offer you more sorts of food that's nutritious, balanced and strategically consistent with student diet. As PGs might or won't be student specific, so food is usually the selection of the host or owner of the luxury private student accommodation with limited scope of individual preferences. For PGs that provide kitchens to cook meals, there could be constraints on using limited gas or less use of microwaves to save lots of on the electricity.


Unlike PGs, students living privately in hostels are facilitated with world class amenities like laundry, refrigerator, fully-equipped kitchen, doctor on call, outside courtyard, balconies or rooftop terrace, bike storage, games room, and gym, to call a couple of . PGs may or might not offer amenities counting on the budget. However, you'll need to pay extra for the amenities.


University students, who live far away from their homes, during a new city abroad, consider their security to be the necessity of the hour. PGs are considered safer as you'll be living with a family who can guide you through the town and allow you to realize nearby bus stops and important locations. Although hostels do have CCTVs and secure door entry features, there's less possibility of anyone guiding you within the new city. You’ll need to get on your own, so as to explore the town or look out for convenient and affordable modes of conveyance for daily commute.

These differentiators are quite enough to assist you create a more informed decision and punctiliously select between student hostel and luxury student accommodation as your ideal stay option while studying abroad.

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