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Study in Canada A Guide For Indian Students

According to the latest update on the official website of the Canadian Government, if you want to travel to Canada as an international student, you must have your study permit and an approved certificate of covid-19. The government has put some measures for covid-19, you have to follow all the measures if you want to travel to Canada. You need an approved certificate of 14 days quarantine.

Every student had a question in their mind that how they will they study in Canada? So, the very first step for you to do is to apply to a Canadian university. After admission, now you can apply for a study permit. Here, we will explain to you everything which will help you to stay in Canada.

DOCUMENTS:  All the documents given below are important. You can never go to Canada without a single document:

o    Passport
o    Visa
o    Your birth certificate
o    Driving license
o    Medical reports
o    Acceptance letter from the university where you will study
o    A copy of documents submitted at the time of study permit

MEDICINES:  you should keep some basic medicine with you like medicines for headache, body ache, cold, cough, fever, etc. you need a prescription of the medicines which you are taking with you. otherwise, they will be thrown.

SOCIAL INSURANCE NUMBER (SIN): The government of Canada issued a 9 digit SIN number to everyone who comes to Canada. So, you need to issue this SIN number as you land in Canada. You need only your passport and study permit to apply for this number.

BANK ACCOUNT: The very first step after coming to Canada is to open a bank account in Canada. You need only two things for your identification from the list given below:

o    Passport
o    SIN number
o    Study permit
o    Driving license

You have to choose your bank because 5 major banks are there in Canada. Then you need to select the type of account which you want to open. Mostly student select checking account. After this, your bank account will be opened.

FINDING ACCOMMODATION: The most difficult task is to find accommodation. A very basic thing that if you are going out, then you need to arrange a temporary accommodation there in advance so that you can find your permanent accommodation. You need to keep in mind some points before selecting your permanent accommodation:

o    Budget – how much money can you spend
o    Area- which area will suit you
o    Location- nearest to your university
o    Availability- public transportation should be there

TRANSPORTATION:  You will face very hectic schedule there in Canada. So, the best way to move from one place to another will be by bus. A bus is one of the cheapest ways to move for students. Taxis like Uber, Ola also work in Canada but they will also be somehow costly for you.

PART-TIME JOBS FOR STUDENTS:  A student is allowed to work for only 20 hours a week in Canada. You will face problems if you will work more than 20 hours. You can do any job which will suit your abilities and qualities.

EXPENSES:  The major expenses in Canada are-

o    Rent
o    Utilities
o    Transportation
o    Groceries
o    Eating out

You have to find a job which will incur all your expenses with some money left in your pocket.
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