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Styles of Casino Fashion: How to Dress to Win

Casinos started out as sophisticated gambling establishments, and it’s not hard to see why their fashion requirements were equally as sophisticated. If you ever visited one of the top casinos of the last century, you would have been treated to impeccably dressed men and women. Today, however, they are slightly less formal. That’s not to say that there aren’t casinos that still have strict dressing requirements; most of them are simply lax with their enforcement of a formal dress code. Who can blame them when players could visit sites like for a game as easily as they could order a pizza. That said, if you are into the old school “dress to win” routine, you should keep reading to know more about casino fashion.

The White Tie Look

The white tie look is sometimes referred to as the “Full Evening Dress.” Although, you should probably ignore dress in the female sense because there are white tie styles for both sexes. Where a woman’s white tie look is a floor-length gown or evening gown, paired with some top-shelf jewellery, a man’s white tie look is simply the height of formal male fashion. Such a look would be complete with a fitted dress coat with tails, satin-striped matching pants, tux shirt, wing collars, shirts studs and cufflinks, a vest, bow tie, and appropriate leather shoes (Brogues or Oxfords).

Fashion favours women in many ways. This is one of them. While the men are looking all uptight in stiff shirts and funny-looking dress coats, a woman is allowed a more elegant look. The gowns and jewellery (already stated above) can be supported by white gloves, fur wraps, and a clutch bag. The resulting look would be one from a black and white magazine. One thing is sure, though, it would set tongues wagging, and would be sexy enough to hold attention all night long.

The Black Tie Look

The black tie look is less formal than the white tie look. Consequently, it’s used to present a more relaxed atmosphere. Where the white tie look is nowadays reserved for very important formal events, the black tie look is a more common dress code for casinos. Specifically, an appropriate black tie look for a man should consist of:

  1. A dinner jacket with matching trousers (of colour not too bright or flashy)
  2. A Buttoned-down collared shirt (the most appropriate colour is white)
  3. Tie or bow tie (whichever way your personal style leans. Some casinos might even allow you to do away with it completely)
  4. A waistcoat (not compulsory)
  5. Black formal shoes (with socks matching your jacket)

This look is more appropriate for the modern man, but he is still likely to be outdone by a woman. For starters, her fashion options have increased; where she had only ball gowns and evening dresses to pick from, she can now settle for cocktail dresses (provided she keeps them elegant) as well. The more formal woman can rock a pantsuit as well. The look can then be supported by simple jewellery and an evening shoe (preferable heels). The goal is to look attractive without coming across as loud. Check whether free casino money implies any wagering requirements.

The Semi-Formal Look

Not all casinos are ready to be labelled uptight establishments. Considering that new money (mostly tech-money) doesn’t seem to appreciate some of the formal dressings of old, these gambling outfits are making changes. Today, most of them allow semi-formal dressing within their halls. For a man, this means you can replace the tux with a blazer and do away with the tie. However, beware of getting too casual; polo shirts, t-shirts, khakis, and jeans are too casual.

A woman looking to go semi-formal might settle for a little black dress out of her wardrobe. Alternatively, she could go for a shorter cocktail dress. An option leaning more to the formal side of her choices is an elegant skirt (such as a pencil skirt) and a blouse. The footwear accompanying this look doesn’t need to be a heeled one. You could also wear flats or sandals as you may see fit.

The Casual Look

Some Vegas Casinos allow this look when they are not holding special events, and mostly during the day. This sort of look is easy to pull off. Simply wear your everyday clothes and make no pretence to formality. This could involve wearing jeans, casual print shirts, shorts, etc. However, you do not want to look shabby, so dress like you would for a date. A lady can settle for a sundress, skirt, blouse, etc. The footwear could range from sneakers, loafers, and flats (for women), but no flip-flops. Read more about DraftKings winning with mobile iGaming as more states legalise.

What Is Black Tie Optional?

Beyond the major looks covered above, there are a couple of others that casinos may recommend as dress codes for a night. The black tie optional is one of these, along with business formal and business casual dress codes. For a man, a black tie optional could include a dark-coloured suit, dress shirt, and tie without a vest. You could also ignore the need for a jacket sometimes. A woman could simply stick to the look she would normally reserve for a black-tie event.

On the other hand, business formal is less strict than the black tie optional dress code. Still, it requires a person to look formal nonetheless. In other words, wear a look that’s comfortable in an office space but not necessarily a tux or ball gown. In fact, this is a safe fashion position to take if you don’t know the dress code of the casino you’re visiting. For a man, this look would mean the leather shoes, ties, and suits stay on. However, women could switch to blouses, skirts, slacks, pencil skirts, blazers, etc. simply put, anything you can wear to the office goes.

Business casual is the last look to consider. It represents a little step up from a semi-formal look. As such, you can consider a blazer, khakis, polo shirts, loafers, etc. Ladies can take the khaki look and support it with a blouse, sweater, and jacket for an appropriate business casual look.


You don’t want to be wondering the grounds of a casino in your pyjamas; you won’t even be allowed to. However, there’s no one way to dress up for a night out at the tables. Rather, there are well-known looks you can borrow inspiration from. These looks are mostly touched upon in the article above. Trust us, you don’t want to be outdone by the lady/gentleman you’re going out with or the dealer behind the tables. The following looks and tips should come in handy to prevent such a thing. In the event of any confusion about the prescribed dress code, always call ahead to inquire from the casino.

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