Subscribe a Car: Find out the best solution when you are on a Business Trip


The worst part about an extended stay in another place is the travel restriction. If the place is close enough, sure you can drive there yourself. But most of the time, the destination is far enough to either make driving there impossible or a colossal waste of your precious time. Some places have excellent taxi service and public transport, but even that is an inconvenience, as waiting for the subway or taxi also wastes a lot of time. So, what can we do in such a situation? The answer is simple, a car subscription.

What’s the difference between a car rental, leasing, and subscription?

Car rental is a service intended for short time use, like a day or two. Leasing is a long-time affair. Getting a car lease isn’t something you can do quickly. It is mostly intended for locals who want the convenience of a car without having to buy one. This is where car subscription strikes a balance. All of the best vehicle subscriptions have easy-to-follow procedures that can get you a car in a matter of minutes. But most of the time, the destination is far enough to either make driving there impossible or a colossal waste of your precious time.

Here are a few of the key benefits of car subscription over alternative methods:

Car choice:

Car subscription services often offer a wide variety of cars suitable for all kinds of preferences. But that’s not the end of the road, as you can easily change cars at any time without any additional hassle, and sometimes even without any extra fees. This freedom of car choice and the number of available options is something exclusive to subscriptions.


Car subscription is much cheaper for long-term use than leasing, and there are several reasons for that. For starters, there is no heavy nonpayment. Then there’s the fact that an early cancelation won’t cost you extra charges. This is especially handy for people staying in a place for a long time, but not longer than a month, people on business trips, for example.

Included insurance:

The insurance is included in the whole subscription package. This saves you both money and, more importantly, time as you don’t have to spend hours trying to figure the insurance policy out. Also, if you get in any trouble in the future, the subscription company takes care of all the insurance stuff on their own, saving you even more time and effort.

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Maintenance and road support:

Maintenance is often included in the subscription model, so you can get regular upkeep of the car conveniently. Leasing often comes with only one to three mandatory maintenance sessions, and you are on your own for the rest of the time, not the case with a subscription.



Whether you are visiting a place for a couple of weeks or just don’t want to deal with the hassles of purchasing a car, a subscription is the best method of getting access to a car. With its easy-to-understand and non-convoluted terms, and significantly lower costs, in the long run, there isn’t a single reason to go for any other option.