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How 3D Animation Has Achieved Immense Success In Marketing

According to statistics, the 3D animation marketing CAGR value is estimated to grow by 11.60% by 2026. This explains why so many brands are leveraging this tool in their marketing. The industry adopted this technique as it helped to shape the pre-digital era of commercial animation.

Businesses have long considered animation an expensive and time-consuming marketing tool. But, thanks to ever-evolving technology, 3D animation became readily available. 

This made smaller organizations adopt this technique as it was no longer expensive. 

3D animation software helps produce faster, more inexpensive, and more quality results. Brands are now leveraging this technique to market their products. The 3D animation technique helps to display your products or services virtually and naturally. Though it's animated, it may not be easy for people to realize it. 

New technology is enabling us to have limitless possibilities regarding marketing. Most businesses are now adopting the latest technologies when targeting their audience. Let's explore how 3D animation is taking over the marketing industry: 

  1. The Fact That it Can Display Customization Options

It is possible to use 3D animation to display various product customization. 3D animation is a success in marketing as it helps brands to differentiate themselves from their competitors. 

For instance, it's beneficial when you're selling a product that has a variety of options or that has multiple versions. Brands can easily highlight their unique selling points without appearing as advertisements. 

If you're selling baby products on Amazon, you can work with animation studios los angeles to make perfect illustrations for your product. They may use 3D animation and motion graphics to show how a baby's stroller can work as a rocker and car seat. 

Or the animated video can list all available baby products that can work as a car seat, playpen, rocker, and stroller. 

This is a success in marketing, as you will have the consumer hooked and not think of the other alternative brands. So it's easier for them to evaluate your product and decide if the model suits them well.  

  1. It Offers Creative Visualization of Products

3D animation has achieved immense success in marketing because of its versatility. You can use the tool to achieve a variety of things. 

For instance, brands leverage the tool to demonstrate how a product functions. Or, if it's a piece of cloth or a pair of shoes, you can use 3D animation to show how it feels and its appearance. 

Additionally, it's easier for customers to cross-buy from a brand if they trust and understand its products and why they're essential. 

Human beings are visual creatures. Therefore, 3D animation makes it easy to go into depth with an animated video, unlike when using text. Besides, an animated video will use less room, unlike words. In fact, 68% of consumers prefer watching videos over other advertising forms. 

3D animation has achieved immense success as it's easy to leverage this technique when telling brand stories. For instance, you're more likely to grasp your audience's attention with a graphical presentation of an offer. You can visually display how much a consumer will save after purchasing with a 5% offer. 

  1. Brands Can Use 3D Animation Technique to Help Their Target Audience to Visualize Products From All Angles

3D animation continues to be a success in marketing as it can help the audience visualize products from all angles. It achieves this through motion graphics. This is relevant in marketing, as it allows consumers to picture a product virtually without actually seeing it. 

Moreover, with 3D animation software, you can describe how a specific product functions. For instance, this technique makes it easier to demonstrate how to drive an electric car. It would be hard to explain how to drive a vehicle with a simple user manual.

Additionally, it's easier to learn by watching than reading manuals or following image illustrations. 

  1. 3D Animation Advertisements Have a Visually Stunning Effect on Audiences

We've already established how visuals are powerful tools for communication in marketing. Therefore, you can easily get people to watch a video about a product than get them to read an article on the same. 

You can't ignore the power of 3D animations in conveying stunning and succinct visuals of a product or service. You can't compare 3D animation techniques to other media.

3D animation stands out because of its ability to effectively and vividly capture viewers' attention. 

Most people, including your target audience, find this technique fantastic and enticing. 3D animation gives them the illusion that they're in total control of the situation before making a decision.

And this makes it an appealing and significant influence when promoting a company, service or product. 

  1. 3D Animation Commercials Have a Long Lasting Effect on Consumers
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Source: Pexels

Every brand wants to remain on the top mind of its audiences. But how can one achieve that? 3D animation characteristics contribute to the lasting impact on viewers. 

You know you've captured your audience's attention when they can't stop talking about your marketing video. Your imagination is the only thing restricting your creativity in 3D animated commercials.

Suppose you achieve its easy to influence your brand identity on its audience. This will make it easy for them to remember it afterwards.

Many brands are leveraging animated videos to produce a popular appeal and familiarity. 

  1. They Are Easy and Quick to Produce

Traditional commercial videos are more complex to shoot compared to animation. You don't need to prepare for complex real-time scenarios or plan for interviews. All you need to do is walk into a 3D animation studio with your idea and outcome. 

You can use voiceovers and background music to generate visually stunning content. This will help it look more enticing and ideal. 

Besides, you can easily edit, add or remove a scenario in case of changes. You won't need to organize a fresh video shoot and replicate the entire process again. 

  1. 3D Animation is Cost-Effective
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Source: Pexels

Another reason 51% of brands leverage 3D animation is its return on investment. 3D animations help to reduce the cost of advertising with a significant margin. 

For instance, it eliminates the need for actors, outdoor shooting, and a fancy setup. Therefore, producing an animated video for commercial purposes is affordable compared to other advertising media. 

Additionally, it's easier to work with your budget when producing a commercial. Startups with a limited budget can use simple but effective sequences and vice versa for well-established businesses. Because of this, it's easier to set your brand apart from the competition. 

Final Thoughts

To capture your potential customer's interest, you must ensure you efficiently advertise your products. Brands today are leveraging 3D animation techniques as they've proven to be more successful in marketing.

The article has delved into fundamental reasons why it's a top marketing tool compared to other media. 3D animation works its magic to ensure you effectively communicate the unique selling point of your product or service. Besides, 3D animation can help to connect your brand with your customers. 

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