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Success Story - Top 3 Electronics brand that Grew too quick

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All brands have a story. Something that describes their journey from taking off to reaching to the peak of their career points. As we live more around technology nowadays, all we see is a number of electronic brands emerging with innovative products, equipment and gadgets. These have more or less become an everyday necessity in our lives.

This article will highlight the three top electronics brands that have reached to the epitome of their businesses in a very short period. Their success came after well-planned business strategy, hard work and immense dedication towards their business goals. If there occurs some problem you can consult best in computer repair services.The companies, moreover, have a massive impact on their target audience, attracting global fame and attention, along with generating unmatchable revenues.      

1.   Apple

One of the most-talked brands of the world, Apple is right where it deserves to be right now. It is an American consumer electronics company co-founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak way back in 1977. Apple was declared as the most valuable companies in the world as it became the first brand to reach $1 trillion market worth.

As we look back to Apple’s success story, one thing that kept the company going despite the entire struggle was because of its CEO, Steve Jobs. The person who defined new pathways and visions to steer the company to success in a very small period of time. Apple’s achievements lie in designing simple desktop PCs to unbelievable mobile technology, devices and wearables. 3 years after its start, Apple went public in the year 1980, launching its successful Macintosh after several upgrades and failures.

The company did go through a lot of a hard time until 1997 when Steve Jobs took over as the chairperson. His ‘Think Different’ approach, attention to employees and marketing the brand to the fullest brought Apple to where it is today. With a diverse range of products and a dynamic business plan, Apple got to 258.5 billion US$ revenue in just a few years, marking the highest by any electronics brand in the world.

2.   Samsung  

Who knew that a local trading store in South Korea would turn into a billion-dollar brand one day? That is what happened with Samsung. Currently, the second-largest electronics company with a 40 billion US$ profit last year, Samsung is clearly dominating the technology and electronics market.

It originated in 1939 by a local businessperson in South Korea. He traded grocery, noodles, fruit, vegetables and other produce in the country and to the China B2B marketplace. Until the late 1950s, the company went on expanding with textiles and woollen, which was later replaced by electronics in 1969. From TV’s to memory chips and computers, Samsung began its electronics journey until the late 90’s when they came up with their first mobile phone. The company after that went through a major transformation between 2011-2018 where it rebranded, competed and produced some top-notch smartphones and devices. At this point, Samsung is the number one TV producer with an incredible reputation in the consumer electronics market. Besides that, it has a total revenue of 218 billion US$.  

3.   Hewlett Packard (HP)

Hewlett Packard is not a new name to anyone. Been in the electronics industry for over 80 years, the company has achieved so much in so little time. Two Stanford university graduates David Packard and Bill Hewlett founded it in 1939. Their success came straightaway with their first product, an audio oscillator, which was even used by Walt Disney in one of their films called Fantasia. Soon, the company came into a real business by coming up with semiconductor devices, calculators, mini-computers, desktops, printers and scanners. Later in the 1980s, HP started acquiring other computer organizations and selling their own domains.

By the end of the 19th century, HP was dominating the computer and electronics market with the world’s leading laptops, desktops and servers. Despite the ups and downs, HP continued with its journey producing high-end devices, software solutions and consumer goods. It has a staggering revenue of 58.76 billion US dollars.

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