Sun Country Airlines Baggage Limits and Fees


For an affordable and cheap trip via a flight, the best option is to pick Sun Country Airlines, this Minnesota-based airline offers services to 50 destinations and makes the travel enjoyable with flights through the United States, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. As the times have changed the policies of the airlines also have seen many modifications though this is relatively cheaper airline learning and revisiting the baggage policies before flying is a wise option. Keep reading to know more about the sun country baggage fees, sun country baggage weight, sun country airlines baggage fees etc. 

 Sun country Airlines checked and Carry-on Allowances.

The fares of these particular airlines are comparatively very cheap than others this is due to the luggage cost, yes, they do charge almost for the entire luggage that also includes the standard carry-on luggage. Now that you know that everything is charged don’t expect any free checked bags or even a standard carry-on that comes with your fare. This means every bag that you want to on board will be charged excluding the aforementioned personal item and medical gear if necessary. Sun Country Airlines normally charges for everything like any other airline does but is offers a free personal item.

Checked Bag Allowances and Fees

The fees will vary on the basis of the number of bags that you are taking on board that need to be checked. Normally for every checked bag if you pre-purchase you will end up paying $30 per bag for the first two bags but if you go to the airport without it you might need to pay $40 per bag. Any additional bag beyond this will be charged a flat rate of $60 per bag. And all these fares are only one-way.

In case you are planning to pre-purchase checked bags, you must be aware that you can only do that for up to two bags anything more than that will need to be added at the airport. Also, keep it in mind that the number of checked bags varies based on the route. The weight of the checked bags must not exceed 50 pounds and should not be greater than 63 linear inches in measurement. 

Carry-On Allowances and Fees

There is no free carry-on luggage in Sun Country Airlines apart from the small personal item. The personal item that goes free must comply with the standard measurements 17″ x 13″ x 9″ thus they should fit under the seat or fit in front of the passenger.

Everything regarding babies, strollers, baby gears, etc.

The airlines consider babies traveling in their flights and accommodates them as lap infants, which means there is no ticket charged for the infants.  The lap infants don’t incur any extra baggage costs yet the children who are not ticketed are not allowed to use car seats or booster seats. The passengers must check one car seat and one stroller per lap infant at the gate or ticket counter for free. 

cost incurred for Additional Bags and Overweight Luggage.

As there is no checked baggage from the airlines technically all the luggage of the customers is additional. Based on the payment whether at the airport or online effects the fares that maybe from $30 to $60.

The weight however of the bags is strictly to be maintained at 50 pounds per bag and anything more than that will be assessed and regraded overweight leading to additional cost.  For bags that weigh between 51 and 60 pounds, the overweight fees start at $50 and for bags that weigh between 61-100 pounds, the fee is $75. Keep in mind anything more than 100 pounds will not be allowed. And all these costs are only for one way.

As a policy the Sun Country Airlines doesn’t let the passengers carry any bags measuring more than 62 linear inches. The oversized bags will be charged a flat $75 fee each way. Passengers must be careful while measuring they must also include wheels, handles , and other parts of the bags too.

Even for the personal items the passengers must follow the guidelines and must not exceed the size and measurement of the bag otherwise it will add to additional cost.