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Sunglasses ideas for round face

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Sunglasses are not only the way to protect your eyes from the bright sun but also to make you more handsome and beautiful. But determining the perfect sunglasses that suits your face is more crucial before buying a pair. If you cannot choose the pair of your sunglasses that do not fit your eyes snugly, you are just going to ruin your appearance.

So, before you think of buying a pair of sunglasses, you need to consider your face type. Maybe, your face is an oval shape, and you have purchased a pair of sunglasses that oval in shape. Now, you think, how do you look like? Your face shape is needed to identify before you go to buy a pair of sunglasses. Not only that, sunglasses are of two types. Some of them are specially designed for women, while others for men. If you are looking for men sunglasses, you can find them in both online and offline stores.

However, before we are going to delve into the topic, let’s talk a little about how to determine your face shape. Because this is very essential to know your face shape. Otherwise, you will end up purchasing the wrong one that may not suit your eyes.

Determining your face shape

You can specify your face shape effortlessly just with a measuring tape. All you have to do first is measure your forehead with the measuring tape. Then it should come to the next point, meaning to measure your cheekbone. Now, it’s time to measure your jawline with the measuring tape. At last, you have to take the final step to measure the length of your face. From the tip of your chin to the hairline of your head should be measured to get an accurate measurement for determining your face shape.

Measuring them, you can determine whether you have an oval face, rectangle or oblong, square, diamond, heart, or round shape. If you have a round shape face, you will end up getting the measurement like-your cheekbones, and face length are similar in measurement. Also, other measures should be identical to them.

Depending on your face shape, you can choose a pair of sunglasses like shield, round, rectangle, clubmaster, square, and wayfarer.

As you are now almost sure that you have a round shape face. You need a pair of sunglasses that will best suit your face making you more gorgeous as well.

To find a pair of sunglasses for your round face, you need to consider a few important things too. Among them, you have to emphasize on the frame, nose pads, size and patterns of sunglasses. Don’t worry because I am going to describe all of them briefly right away.

Your round face deserves an angular frame shape

An angular frame shape of sunglasses makes a proper balance in your face. Also, you can go for a square or rectangular frame as well. The frame fits on your face, snugly increasing your beauty too. So, while choosing a pair of sunglasses, make sure you have ended up purchasing an angular frame shape.

Nose pads are considered of a frame

Do you have a flat nose? Or, are your cheeks big enough? Then you need to have a frame that has nose pads. Frames having nose pads make your appearance prettier. Also, nose pads are an advantage for the user to move the frame quickly.

Don’t get small sunglasses

Small and round sunglasses make your face’s appearance bigger to others. Not only that, round shape sunglasses give your face a rounded appearance resulting in making it more prominent. Hard angles of your face become more vivid to others.

Find the right hue of your frame

If you want to highlight your skin tone, then you need to have a frame that is opposite to your skin color. Contrasting color patterns can make the appearance of your face brighter. Moreover, an optical illusion can also be made to seem your eyes more prominent and more beautiful.

So, what should be the ideal frame for your round face? The answer is just square sunglasses. Yes, square sunglasses having a bigger frame make your look more attractive as well. Even you can choose cat-eye sunglasses to fit on your round face.

Final Touches

If you have a round face, you can consider the things mentioned earlier before going to purchase a pair of sunglasses. It does not mean that you have to have the exact sunglasses for your needs. Instead, determine yourself which pair of sunglasses fit on your face correctly, making you more gorgeous. But determining your face shape might be the essential part. Because if you fail to realize your face shape, you may not get the right sunglasses for your round face as well.

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