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Supercharge Your HR Department With Powerful Online Tools

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With the right tools, one person can do as much work as ten. That adage applies in the world of business the same as it applies everywhere else, and it always has done. As technology has improved and increased, the tools have gotten better and more powerful. In the last ten years, the internet has supercharged this ability, allowing one person to do twice the work in half the time with half the effort. You can coordinate around the world, automate more tasks than ever and multitask like never before. Here are just a few human resource management tasks that can be can be made so much easier with powerful online tools. 

Form Submissions

Whether it's a complaint or a report or you need to generate pay stub for tax purposes, the business of filing and submitting forms can be made almost effortless with the correct online tools. You can also see who has submitted their forms and who hasn't, when those forms were submitted and how often they need to be renewed. Some programs can even send automatic alerts and reminders, freeing up your HR staff to do more important tasks. 

Time Tracking

You can make your HR department super powered with time tracking software. This software empowers employees to keep track of their own time and makes the calculation of PTO easier for your HR department. Time tracking software which can be accessed from anywhere also allows employees to work wherever they are. This allows your business to coordinate easily with freelancers all over the world, expanding your workforce and bringing in new talent.


Once you have your employees' hours calculated, you will also need to pay them. Online paycheck systems allow employees to choose how they would like to receive the paychecks, as well as making it easier for them to check the accuracy of those paychecks. Freelancers can easily invoice through the same system and all employees can review their paycheck records when tax season comes. They can even print off the necessary information to help with their own tax returns, or file those returns online directly. 


Part of HR is checking employee satisfaction and a common tool for doing that is surveys. With a survey, employees can anonymously raise their concerns in a way that is constructive. Surveys empower you, the employer, to make informed decisions about changes that need to be made. Surveys allow you to gather data, create benchmarks and check in with employees to make sure that they’re satisfied.


If your employees are not happy with your company for any reason, there are online tools to help with that too. After all, HR must also deal with employee concerns and complaints. Anonymous online complaint submissions may represent the best and safest way to resister those complaints. Obviously, employee complains and concerns are serious and not to be taken lightly; you want your employees to feel safe speaking up about problems they see. 

Project Management

Online tools can also play a vital role in managing projects. Online access means that you can work with multiple teams and even with freelancers across many time zones. Secure cloud technology can empower your HR team and project managers to  coordinate across different teams with different requirements and different cultures. You can access all team members instantly and send automatic reminders when necessary. It’s one of the best and fastest ways to get everyone on the same page at the same time, no matter the circumstances and the challenges. 

In short: online tools empower your business to coordinate more people in less time. They can ease the strain on your HR department by automating a lot of their everyday busywork. They gives your employees easier access to the tools they need, no matter where they are or what time it is. They allow you to hire more freelancers, keep track of employees more easily, and coordinate larger, more complicated projects.

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