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Superior Cooling Assured with LG Split System AC

Air Conditioner for your home

Modern technology used in LG’s latest split AC systems makes it the best choice for cooling modern home interiors. The elaborate list of features discussed here will help the buyer understand why it makes sense to buy an LG split system for cooling home, office, retail store or any other interior space.

Energy Saving

One of the major priorities today is optimum use of energy. Owing to increased awareness about global warming and other environmental challenges being faced these days, people have started taking energy consumption seriously. The split AC system made by LG comes with the most modern compressor that enhances the appliance’s energy saving capacity. The dual inverter compressor in them ensures that air is expelled at much quicker pace and to a farther distance.

Reduced Noise Generation

One of the major challenges with the air conditioning systems of the past was the noise they created. This prevented you from having a sound sleep. But the modern LG split system creates minimal noise due to use of advanced technology. The unwanted noise is eliminated with the help of the skew fan and the dual inverter technology.

Superior Temperature Control

The conventional air conditioners posed a major drawback when it came to temperature control. The temperature reading they gave was not accurate, and they failed to cut off at the required temperature. But the modern dual inverter of LG air conditioners ensures superior temperature control at all times.

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Easy to Install

An air conditioning system that is designed for easy installation is LG’s gift to new age customers. The AC has wider tubing space, perfect finishing, detachable bottom cover, a modified installation plate and installation support clip to simplify the whole process of installation.

Wi-fi Monitoring of AC

Remote control has got a new meaning now with its unique wi-fi temperature control operation. Now, you may control the temperature of your room while sitting in another part of the city with simple wi-fi connectivity. This feature allows you to manage temperature anytime and from anywhere. This feature comes as a boon when you forget your AC switched on, or when you want to control your kids’ room temperature from office.

Alter Horizontal and Vertical Vane Direction

This new feature present in the modern LG Split System AC enables you to adjust the vane direction vertically and horizontally as per your needs and convenience. The LG split air conditioners come with four-way swing technology so that cool air reaches every corner of the room.

You can alter the vertical vane positions in any of the 6 different options. These preset positions allow you to adjust wind flow in the direction you want. The complete auto-swing possible in the vertical direction is another great advantage offered by LG Split system. The horizontal louver may also be adjusted in 5 different positions as per your needs.

Greater Resistance to Corrosion

One of the major causes of air conditioner damage is corrosion. The air conditioning systems of the past were made up of low quality materials that lacked supreme water resistance. This led to easy corrosion and deterioration over time. But modern LG Split system air conditioners are made from corrosion resistant materials. They also have a gold fin that ensures better life and longevity of the system as a whole.

Comfort Sleep Feature

The air conditioning system is provided with soft wind and sleep time logic to ensure sound sleep for the users. The air conditioning system comes with 7 hours off technology too for the convenience of the users.

Modern LG split system comes with all the advanced features listed above. Apart from these, the air conditioning system is also known for the dual protection filter and auto cleaning systems that make it more efficient than its predecessors. Check the features, quality, pricing and warranty before you order your AC. Spend your hard-earned money on a quality product to ensure best cooling for your home and office.

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