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Woman's Surprising Discovery About Her Pet Python

Have you heard about the story of a lady sleeping with python? 

The vet used a special machine to take a look inside Mel's python. His face showed that something was wrong, making the others concerned.

He worried about Mel's pet snake. People often called her strange because of her tattoos and piercings. But who cared? She loved her pet, Fang, a seven-foot-long python.

Fang fit perfectly in her small house. He didn't need much care, and he didn't bark like her neighbor's noisy dog. He had never caused trouble. Mel had a unique bond with him.

Fang came into her life at the right time, and she took good care of him. Some people might find it strange to have a snake as a pet, but Mel had never had any problems. Fang had never tried to hurt her or anyone else.

Woman's Unusual Friendship with Her Pet Python: A Woman Had a Pet Python Story

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Mel used to keep her python in a cage with a heat lamp, like most reptile pets. But she felt lonely and wanted a closer bond with her snake.

Her neighbor's dog didn't seem close to them, always outside. This gave Mel an idea. She let her snake sleep in bed with her. It felt great. Fang snuggled up to her and sometimes stretched out on her. He wasn't warm and furry, but his smooth scales were comforting.

The python seemed to like it, so Mel made it a nightly thing. He curled around her from head to toe. Did he watch over her while she slept?

Woman Worried About Her Snake's Strange Behaviour, Seeks Vet's Help


One night, Mel woke up and couldn't find Fang in her bed. She was tired from the neighbor's noisy dog and fell asleep again. In the morning, Fang was back on the bed, coiled around her legs. She tried to feed him, but he didn't eat.

Throughout the day, Fang stayed on the bed, refusing to eat and seeming more restless. Mel tried to put him back in his cage, but he didn't like it. She thought something was wrong. Did he change in size overnight?

The next day, nothing improved, and Mel started worrying. She decided to take Fang to the vet. Something was not right with her beloved snake. The vets asked her questions and began checking him.

Shocking Discovery: Snake's Empty Belly Holds Surprising Secret

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At the vet's office, they decided to do an ultrasound of the snake's belly to check if it had eaten something unusual. During the ultrasound, one vet's face showed concern, and Mel got worried. What did they see?

The vet asked Mel questions about the snake's habits, including its eating and sleeping routines. Mel mentioned her nightly bonding with Fang.

Then, the vet showed Mel the ultrasound, and she couldn't believe her eyes. Fang's belly was empty. Mel was confused. So, what was the problem? The vet explained that Fang had stopped eating on purpose, not because he was sick, but because he was preparing for a big meal.

Woman Shocked as Pet Python Sizes Her Up as Potential Meal

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Snakes can eat animals much bigger than them because they can open their jaws wide. When Fang sprawled out beside Mel, he was checking her out, figuring out how to eat her. He was patiently waiting for the right time to grab her, which scared Mel when the vet explained it.

Mel realized her dear Fang might have been planning to eat her while she slept. She used to think they were bonding, and she even wondered if Fang was watching over her at night. But he was watching, all right, waiting for a chance to eat her. Still shocked, Mel put Fang back in his secure vivarium, far from her bedroom.

A Close Call with a Pet Python


Mel still adored Fang and believed snakes could be great pets, but she knew she had to be more careful and responsible to avoid any danger.

Her neighbors had been right all along, and they didn't let her forget it after she told them about her scary experience with the python. She felt relieved to have escaped a terrible fate.

She shared her story on social media to help other snake lovers learn from her mistake and be more cautious with their slithering pets. It could happen to anyone who owns a snake. Mel still wondered what she would have done if Fang had attacked her in the middle of the night. How could she have felt if her beloved pet turned on her? Having a snake as a pet is fine—it's beautiful and fascinating. But should you let it sleep in your bed?

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