Monday, October 2, 2023
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Surprising Facts About E-A-T And SEO

Search engine optimization does not always have to be that difficult every time. There are numerous techniques that one can leverage to rank up higher on the search engines. Today, we will take a look at some really interesting facts about E-A-T and SEO and ways in which it can help you strengthen your SEO strategy.

But First, What Is E-A-T?

We all put in a lot of effort to impress Google and enhance the rankings of our website on the search engine results page. First thing first, E-A-T is an abbreviation used for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

E-A-T is basically a notion developed by Google that different third-party raters can use as a standardized methodology for determining the search results. Furthermore, it can also be used by content creators to determine the quality of their content.   


E-A-T And Google Research

It is no secret that Google ranks websites in accordance to provide visitors with the information they are looking for. In fact, one can consult any SEO agency Sydney, and they will all agree that every scrutiny carried out by Google on the content, link, and natural language are all centered around providing visitors with the exact information they are looking for. Google leverages artificial intelligence to determine the authoritativeness of web pages, links to determine expertise, and quality content reflects trustworthiness of your website.

Google And Authoritativeness Of The Content

The primary element that depicts the authoritativeness of content published on any website are the number of links interlinked within the content. This means that content with many links from other relevant content and posts can be considered authoritative enough for the particular topic. Up until this year, links were the only determining factor for the authoritativeness of content published on a website. However, things changed when Google informed us that it now uses artificial intelligence to determine the authoritativeness of content.

Artificial Intelligence For Determining Authority And Expertise

As mentioned earlier, Google now leverages the enhanced capabilities of artificial intelligence to determine the authority and expertise of a website and the content published in it. Artificial intelligence enables Google to determine the quality of the content and get rid of poor quality content. Therefore, it is highly recommended that every content developer ensures that they carry out extensive research proving the expertise and authority of their published content on their website.

The Ranking Factors That We Call E-A-T

The entire concept of using E-A-T as a ranking factor has not been established anywhere just yet. However, as per Google, these factors work as indicators depicting the trustworthiness of a website, and yet nobody still knows for sure what these factors are. Basically, these factors are all about enabling third-party raters to determine the expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness of a website without going through much hassle.     

Trustworthiness Matters, So Optimise It

A whole bunch of research papers in recent years have pointed towards the importance of a website’s trustworthiness. Google definitely banks on this factor a lot as you can see on the search result that web pages with higher trustworthiness more often ranks higher. One thing you can surely do to improve the trustworthiness of your website is create a good backlink profile. Yes, you can start off with the link analysis of your existing webpage and then create backlinks that enhance the trustworthiness of your URL.

And don’t worry, as of yet, Google doesn’t use Knowledge-based trust in its ranking signal factors (By Bill Slawski).

Remember, the more people naturally link to your web page, your webpage accumulates a score of trustworthiness in Google’s book. You will definitely see a sharp rise in the rankings, all thanks to optimising trustworthiness of your content. 

Concluding Thoughts

These are some of the key facts about the entire concept of E-A-T, and having an understanding of these factors will help one devise better content and boost the ranking of their website. Therefore, always keep E-A-T in mind, and in case of any confusion, reach out to the top-ranking SEO agency Sydney.

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