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Surprising Facts About Online Dating You Probably Didn’t Know

Online dating is not a taboo topic anymore. Lots of people prefer the virtual world to the real one when it comes to match-making and dating. Dedicated apps and websites help millions of people meet, befriend, and court people from different corners of the planet. You can send smiles, kisses, and give presents to the object of your admiration from the comfort of your home. You can also find like-minded people and quickly dispel your boredom if you sign up for a reliable dating app or website. And when you feel ready, you can arrange your face-to-face romantic date, which hopefully will culminate in creating a happy family. But there is much more to the world of online dating than meets the eye. You can familiarize yourself with reviews to discover the new opportunities of this fascinating industry.

And right now you’re going to learn some interesting facts about online dating that may spark your interest in similar services.

Many People Use It Out of Curiosity

Lots of daters confess that the reason why they tried online dating one day was curiosity. Those users whose friends, relatives, or colleagues had a rewarding experience in online dating, often decide to give it a shot to see whether they can find an ideal match in the virtual world. Almost 10 percent of daters admit that they initially didn’t take online dating seriously. They found it fun and exciting to navigate through hundreds of profiles and look through countless photos of their potential romantic interests, but never viewed online dating as a viable alternative to its traditional, face-to-face counterpart.

Young People Use It to Boost their Self-Esteem

A good partner is hard to find, especially in today’s fast-paced and selfish world. Those people who have experienced multiple fiascos in their love life often end up feeling totally disillusioned or disappointed. It’s not uncommon for such people to lose self-confidence and develop a sort of an inferiority complex. And though online dating can in no way be considered a panacea, it can go a long way towards helping people get back on their feet and continue searching for their significant others. Even those daters, who didn’t use to get lots of attention from the opposite sex, may feel the center of attention. Compliments, gifts, smiles, and flirty messages won’t be long in coming as soon as you register yourself on a dating website. So, according to Statista, young people aged 18-35 often use online dating to boost their self-esteem and regain confidence.

Less that 10 Percent Use It to Cheat on their Partners

Some say that people are polygamous creatures by nature. Be that as it may, couples do cheat on their partners both physically and virtually. Statistics show that almost 8 percent of people in committed relationships use dating apps and websites to cheat on their significant others. It doesn’t necessarily mean that all those people are willing and ready to meet their romantic interest in person and commit physical adultery. Nevertheless, the very fact that so many people can readily break the ‘thou shalt not commit adultery’ commandment is very upsetting.

A Third of Users are Ready to Pay For It 

Surprisingly, not all daters consider it unfair or distasteful to pay for online dating services. About 33 percent of users are willing to pay for the opportunity to read messages from their romantic interests, send special presents to them, or enjoy other privileges on the website.

Many Users Aim to Seem Better Than They Really Are

It’s not uncommon for people to strive for perfection. But perfection is always illusionary merely because it’s unachievable. But some daters persevere in the attempts to appear perfect to appeal to as many people as possible. They embellish their profile, intentionally exaggerate their merits and achievements, and mess with Photoshop and filters to look better in photos. No wonder, so many users complain that there are too many catfish on the dating sites, which slows down the process of finding the right match.

Online Dating Industry is Fraught with Scammers

Unluckily for all decent daters who sincerely want to find their love online, there are many romance scammers eager to take advantage of them. Fraudsters are apt psychologists who know how to manipulate credulous love seekers, swindle them out of money, or steal their identity. So, the golden rule of online dating you should always follow not to fall victim to scammers is trust but verify.

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