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Switch to the Right Switch

Gone are the times when we would call the electrician to choose the best switch for your home or office. Selecting the right switch has become very easy. Switches can be used to control so many things- right from lights to fans and curtains. No matter whether you’re installing the electrical switches at your residential, official area or data centres, it is essential to know the various factors that go in choosing the right switch. 

We are here with a buying guide for you to choose the right switch for all the various needs. Invest a little time to understand the factors that you should consider before selecting an electrical switch. Read on to gain knowledge about five tips on how to buy the best switches. 

  1. Types of Switches

There are a variety of switches available in the market. You’ll have to decide whether you want a conventional or a modular switch for your project. The traditional switches are not very common now, and modular switches tend to be better than them. According to your needs, there is also an option in choosing the different types of switches like toggle, touch, push-button, key card, remote-controlled or key locks. 

For example, many hotel rooms have key cards for light switches, and the majority of households have push-button switches.

  1. Material

You should carefully check the material before buying them. Electrical switches are generally made from high-quality, flame retardant polycarbonate material. Since they are stabilized with UV, they won’t lose their colour in the long run. You’ll also find switches made from other materials like stone, wood, metal, glass, or porcelain. 

According to your aesthetic needs, you can choose the best switch for you.

  1. Safety

Safety becomes one of the most crucial points while buying switches. One of the most important factors when it comes to security is that the switches should be made from a fire retardant material like polycarbonate. It would help if you were careful while installing a switch. The basic rule remains to be to cut off the power supply.

You should also consider some other features like spark shield, shuttered socket, in your right switch. Before buying your switch, double-check if it has an ISI mark on it and is built with all the necessary safety standards.

  1. Replacement

If you get an option to replace your switch if it doesn’t go with your needs, then it’s a double advantage. Sometimes, while installing your switch, you realize it doesn’t go well with the aesthetics or doesn’t fit right. In such cases, replacing it can be beneficial.

  1. Aesthetics

Besides the technical features, you can also consider aesthetics. It means looking at the style, colours, textures of the switches. Nowadays, you’ll find a variety of patterns and colours in switches to go with your modern and futuristic homes and spaces.


Don’t overlook other factors like insulation, user-friendly and durability while purchasing a switch. One switch can help you connect and manage a number of devices easily. Legrand has some of the best switches with the best safety practices and also offers a variety of other tools that have now made managing home networks easier. 

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