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Symbols in Jewish jewelry with their meanings

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Whether a person is rich or not, jewelry is something that is considered valuable by almost all humans. This is why when you go to buy jewelry check its purity, design and weight. A piece of jewelry can stay for generations in your family reminding your successors of your name.

Gifts can bring a smile on a person’s face out of the deepest sorrows. And when it is a joyful occasion like Christmas, gifts are used to spread more happiness. Special ones need to have special gifts and what could be more special than a jewelry item. If you are thinking of other great Christmas gifts for her, then you might not find one easily. When you can make an ordinary jewelry item unique then why to think for some other, this can be done through engraving.  You can also get some lifetime message engraved on it. Here is how you can get anything engraved on a piece of jewelry.

Jews have a special connection to the jewelry, they have been traders of diamonds and other precious metals for centuries. That is why the passing of jewelry from one generation to the next is generally seen among them. They can make some unique pieces of jewelry with their religious symbols that generally they pass on. Some of these symbols are:

Star of David: It is the symbol of the religion of Jews. It is the symbol of Judaism. It represents the Jewish as a whole. Also, it is the symbol of King David. According to them, it has several magical and mystical powers. It was basically used to control the bad energies such as demons and unholy spirits. Many wear pendants and rings of this symbol to keep the bad energies away from them. This pendant can make the best Jewish necklace for men. It is also seen on the flag or a country.

Hamsa: Nowadays, jewelry with these symbols is getting more popular. It is taken as the Hand of God by Jewish people. It protects a person from all the negativity of the world. People also wear this symbol in Gold or platinum to bring prosperity, happiness, luck, good health and fortune in their lives.

Ana Bekoach: There is also Jewish prayer pendants made on which the Ana Bekoach, the most powerful prayer of the Jews is inscribed. This is said to be the prayer of creation. People use this prayer to connect with God. Wearing such pendants help people feel the presence of God around them.

Rotary engraving: Rotary engraving is the hand-done engraving but nowadays it can also be done through computers. It is cheaper but doesn’t have excellent finishing. It is done through a rotary tool that cuts the surface of the metal to have the design made. It is precise and can be done quickly. It is better to get the item refurnished after so that the engraving can be smoothened and look well finished.

Laser engraving: It is the latest and the best type of engraving that can be done on a piece of jewelry. It uses a high-intensity laser beam to craft design on the surface of the metal. This can be done only through the computer so it is more accurate and precise. The width of the engraved line can also be made finer with it. The laser can also reach more deeply in the metal by adjusting its intensity.


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