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Symptoms of a Sick Cooling System

Cars, no doubt are expensive investments. But no matter how extravagant your vehicles are, amidst the busy schedule, you often tend to overlook the signs and symptoms which may cause degradation of your car's health. And one such potential threat is a failure of your car's cooling system. The cooling system in your car is responsible for preventing the engine from overheating. It forms one of the important systems in your car's mechanism. Thus taking care of your car's cooling system is of paramount importance. Doing so will save your car from witnessing complete breakdown.

So, let's take a glimpse at the few most noticeable signs which indicate that your car's cooling system is sick and needs care.

1.Overheating of the engine

One of the most generic causes of faulty cooling systems is overheating of your car's engine. If your car's engine remains heated very often then it might rule out the possibility that your car's coolant is either low or not circulating properly. The latter reason might be due to the faulty water pump or water leaks. Check the coolant levels regularly because driving continuously with an overheated engine can lead to a complete breakdown of your car’s engine.

2.Fishy smell

If the core of your car’s heater develops a leak then it emits a pungent smell of antifreeze element. This weird smell of antifreeze might be the indication of trouble for your car. That is why its timely diagnosis is important. Also, make it certain for the leakages by checking for white exhaust fumes. These fumes are the indication of the burning of coolant in your car's combustion chamber. If this is the case then you should stop driving your car as it could lead to further engine damage.


Go for a complete car checkup at proper intervals. Thoroughly examine the hoses, thermostats, freeze plugs, radiators, belts in order to identify troubles related to the coolant. And if you come across leaking radiator, shredded belts or bulging hoses then it is the time for your car's restoration.

4.Defective radiator cap

The faulty pressure cap of your car’s radiator is also one of the indication that the coolant system has got leaks. A loose or bad radiator cap will inhibit the process of pressure built up to required levels which will lead to overheating. This will also further end up to destroying your car’s radiator unit and damaging your car engine.

Checking the car's coolant levels is a critical aspect to ensure the smooth running of your car. It should be part of the frequent car maintenance schedule. Moreover, doing so will boost your car’s resale value thus making it easier for you to sell your car. And if you are from UAE region then its time to rejoice because with cash your car UAE, you can sell your used car hassle free and that too at a fair price. With them, you can avail all services while sitting within confines of your home they have been well recognised because of their quick and fair services. Furthermore, with renew my car registration, you can avail quick car registration renewal by just booking a prior appointment with them.

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