Monday, October 2, 2023
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Symptoms of Corona Seen in Heart Patients

In some patients infected with corona, the symptoms of a heart attack have been replaced by the symptoms of the disease. However, it was seen in older patients. Surprisingly, even in some preliminary investigations, these symptoms came from the heart disease itself but later it was found that the cause of these symptoms is an infection of the corona in the lungs.

Corona effect on heart

  • Based on the initial examination and the symptoms seen in the patients, it was believed that the corona affects only the person's respiratory tract and lungs. But as the cases of corona infection continued to grow, new information about it began to emerge.
  • Corona increases inflammation in the arteries associated with the heart, causing difficulty in pumping the heart and blood supply. This causes severe chest pain. Sometimes the speed of the beats is also affected.
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Risk increases in heart patients

Heart patients need to take extra care to avoid corona infection. Because compared to normal people, if the heart patients get corona infection, their risk for life is up to 10 percent. That is, the risk becomes double for them as compared to normal people.

Risk of life increases in these diseases

That heart patients, as well as patients with diabetes, hypertension, or blood pressure, also have a manifold increased risk of life from corona infection.

If compared to normal people, like heart patients, the risk of infection in patients with diabetes increases by 6 percent and the risk of high BP increases by 7.3 percent.

This is how heart patients should take care

Hard patients are the two most important things at this time. Number one is that you people stay at home i.e. take care of social distancing.

This should be the schedule of heart patients

Relax and get a full sleep. Take Diet Proper and do not be careless about medicines. Because if your sleep-wake time changes, then the eating time also changes, so the schedule of medicines is also disturbed.

Be physically active. Make a routine of walk, yoga, and exercise at home. If you already have a routine, then follow it at the same time. This will help your body to keep its biological clock set.

Not fever they hurt fast

Heart patients do not have a fever in most cases. This is seen in a very rare case when the fever has affected the heart. Yes, symptoms like flatulence and chest pain only point towards heart disease in the beginning.

If the heart patient has got corona infection, then only symptoms like shortness of breath and mild cough are seen. In such a situation, only your doctor can tell heart treatment in india that the cause of your problem is heart or corona.

These symptoms confuse

There are some symptoms, which come in the normal patients, then it is difficult to determine only on the basis of these symptoms that the person has a heart attack or these problems are due to corona.

These include severe chest pain and difficulty in breathing. Which were usually considered to be symptoms seen at the time of heart attack? But these symptoms are now seen in corona patients as well.

Difference in symptoms

On one hand, in most cases, normal people have problems like cough, high fever, and difficulty in breathing in the first week due to corona infection.

However, if heart patients are affected by corona, then most of the cases have symptoms like a feeling of chest heaviness, shortness of breath, chest pain, or increased beats. While sometimes there may be a third reason for these symptoms to appear suddenly.

This is how corona affects the heart

Severe pain in the sinew is usually considered a symptom of heart disease. However, in most of the corona patients, this problem was not seen as a symptom. It is seen only in select and usually older patients.

In the heart, infection of the lame is also the cause of pain near the heart. Because of this, there is inflammation in the muscles, which is seen in the ECG that the heart attack has occurred. But when he was taken for angiography, his heart tubes came normal. But his symptoms were of a heart attack. This happened due to his swelling in the heart muscles.

The troponin test, which is done to check for heart attack due to inflammation in the membranes above the heart, was also positive in corona patients. Some patients have difficulty breathing due to inflammation of muscles and membranes and some have heaviness in the chest. While pumping of the heart is reduced in some patients.

Possible changes after corona

If you look at health, then after corona infection, people may have a tendency towards a vegetarian diet.

The habit of handwashing will increase. Which will protect people from corona as well as other diseases, which spread through an infection?

Awareness will increase in people towards Pollution. People will understand that this is not a problem that cannot be solved. If we all want, then together we can control the problem of pollution. This will also reduce diseases.

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