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Synthetic Grass Courts: Why Should You Choose One?

Artificial Synthetic Grass

Artificial synthetic grass tennis courts are fast becoming popular with homeowners and athletic fields alike. Homeowners are looking for a court which is easy to care for but also ones that are natural and possible to make play similar to the natural grass.

Recreation venues prefer artificial synthetic grass because of its convenience and cost. Compared to the maintenance of natural grass courts, it is preferred due to low financial costs. Synthetic courts offer several benefits as compared to the natural grass courts. In this post, we will learn about them in detail.

Consistency of Surface
With synthetic grass, the pile height doesn’t change, and its thickness remains consistent too. There is a consistency in the surface irrespective of how often it is used or how extreme the weather conditions are.

The texture of grass used on the tennis court is critical, considering the movement of the player and the ball. The texture of the court should be the same at different levels of play. It is required to ensure that the players are not injured, and their quality of the game is not affected as well.

Uniformity in Bounce of Ball

The game of tennis relies on how well the ball plays on a particular surface. That’s why the texture of the playing field must be uniform and consistent. The player relies on the bounce of the ball after each shot. It allows them to plan their shots and prepare for the next shot. When a player can maintain sufficient control of the ball, it will enable him to keep the ball in play for a long duration. It makes the game interesting for the audience and the player. However, the player can improve his overall skill-level and performance.

No Fading of Lines

Another benefit of artificial synthetic grass is that the lines that make the playing field in the tennis courts don’t fade quickly. There is no smear or shift in any way during the play. Synthetic turf is designed to hold the cover even if it is used heavily. It can withstand exposure to sunlight for a long durations. The white lines which mark the regular playing areas are applied using paint or powder will fade, smear or become invisible in natural grass. Many calls in the game rely on the clarity of the lines on the playing field. It means that they should remain intact through each game is critically important.

No Wear and Tear Signs

Tennis players need to stop, pivot and drive with precision when serving or responding. It can weaken the natural grass and may cause the surface on the grass to become slippery and eventually wear away. When such imperfections are there on the surface of the court, it can make the player twist or trip from the ankle. Synthetic grass courts, however, are more resilient. The signs of wear and tear, which are common of the grass-court are not visible in the artificial grass tennis courts. There will no bare soil that will show up. The grass will not become thin over time, and there will be no dead spots on the playground.

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