T: NBA 2K22 News: Mike Wang Has Answered A Lot Of Questions On Twitter


Mike Wang woke up at 3 a.m on August 24th, that is if you're on the east coast. It's that time of year when Mike likes to get on Twitter and feel some of these community concerns and answer a bunch of questions about NBA 2K22. So there’s a lot to discuss and we are going to dive right into the questions and answers about NBA 2K22, including 99 overall, seasonal content and more. If you need to buy cheap NBA 2K22 MT, buynba2kmt.com is the best NBA 2K22 MT store!

Mike began the frenzy by stating: "New seasonal animation content drops are for MyPALYERS only not NBA players. The goal is to keep the game fresh all year long and encourage players to use signature moves that they otherwise may not have." There will still be a ton of variety to choose from at launch. The goal is to just keep us playing the game throughout the year and coming back. This sounds a lot like battle pass suggestion or 2k just trying to keep up with the times. We all know sometime after the march, the people have already made their decision on whether or not they like the game and that's when you start seeing a massive drop-off in terms of the player base. 

The questions from the community NiceTendo's ask: "Where's the gameplay though? Mike quickly responds: lots of info will be hitting soon. We're inside of three weeks before 2K22 drops, right around the two-week mark, we start getting a tremendous amount of information. Stay tuned for more information about buynba2kmt.com

IMAGGaming says: "Will you only be able to purchase them during the duration of that season?" and Mike says:" Some content will be season exclusives, but the actual on-court gameplay sigs shots and moves will stay in the game once they're dropped." This is crazy we're getting brand new animations throughout the year of NBA 2K22. That's very similar to how most games are doing battle passes, you play throughout that season and you unlock rewards like NBA 2K MT as you go. It's up to you to keep playing so you don't miss out. t.o chimes

2kTio says: "Mike if I get a good jump shot and you take it away from me in a new season. I won't be happy". Mike says: "Shots won't be taken away only added". So nothing to fear there".

Backhand says: "How has shooting changed exactly this year?" Glad we're going to clear this up. Mike says: "It's hard to explain in a tweet. The main change is a much larger waiting toward coverage, aiming is gone. I explain more in an upcoming courtside report in a couple of weeks. Shooting is more predictable this year. I'm pretty confident the community will like it." To clear up that second sentence he's basically saying you're going to make more jump shots depending on how open you are. Timing is going to be needed but contested shots are probably going to miss a lot more often this year.

Good question from KASHMONEYJ1: "Is steady shooter was gone, Mike? Please say yes." And Mike says: "Yes. The steady shooter was definitely overpowered at times, we saw a lot more than 100 excellent releases this year." Not saying they should completely eradicate that from the game, because real NBA players hit tough shots but just tone down the frequency.

AceSZN3 says: "Can we dribble after a step back using the square again?" Mike says: "No. But you can if you trigger the shot with the pro stick." If you remember 2K19, 2K20 you could just tap square and do a step back with your dribble. It would appear that you're going to take the shot, but you can still maintain your dribble. But in 2K21 we just couldn't do it. Now, this is triggered by pressing the pro stick, so you're going to be using the right stick in order to do that move.

Here comes one of the most important questions about NBA 2K22. Zoom23_2 asked: "Can you please let us stay 99 after all the hard work we put in. Instead of losing our 99 stats if we lose a game. Some of us don't have enough NBA 2K22 MT In PC to build squads and play with randoms." Finally, mike confirms: "You won't lose 99 this year." That's huge because a lot of people have been asking 2k to get rid of the fluctuating overall system. All throughout the year for the 2K20 and 2K21, you will not lose your 99 overall ratings now. So feel free to make more builds.