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7 Things You Learn While Studying Architecture

Are you a creative person who thinks outside the box? Do you love bringing your piece of art to life? Do you enjoy mixing Art and Science? Do you like maths? Then look no further, Architecture is your thing. As a career, being an Architect is a smart decision in today’s job market. Nagpur is a place which has a considerable number of renowned architectural colleges. If you are looking…
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The DIY Version of a College Degree

Technology has changed the way that we live. One hundred years ago, a computer was nearly an unheard-of devise and a telephone call was connected through an operator with a switchboard. Now, connection to information has completely transformed the way we go about our daily…
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Prepare for Learning before College

No matter what university you enter and which major you opt for, college isn’t easy. Learning at college level requires you to have the right mindset and enough free time to do so. Depending on how long has passed since you were in high school, you might be looking to…
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How To Use Gaps In Your Resume To Your Advantage

A resume is a great opportunity to put your best foot forward. The resume is essentially “you” in a single page for others to quickly see. Employers like to see a resume during some course of the hiring process. This allows them the employer the opportunity to see vitally important information about the applicant. They can see where the person went to school, any college major and all…
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