Rosner Law Office, P.C.

Rosner Law Office, P.C. was founded by Daniel E. Rosner, an aggressive litigator who had earned a reputation as an innovative and successful trial attorney in Philadelphia before relocating to Cumberland County, in Vineland, New Jersey. Daniel Rosner is a prominent member of the Vineland community and president of the New Jersey Association for Justice 2015-2016. Edward J. Tucker, the firm’s…
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Be Aware Of Product Liability Attorneys NJ

Product liability law Product liability law falls under the category of personal injury law that provides defective product victims a cause of legal action against the manufacturing company of the product. Under this law, people who get injured by the negligence of others…

The Law: 6 Benefits of Hiring Your Personal Lawyer

From a car accident to a dispute with a neighbor, to drafting an estate plan or other legal document, there are countless situations that could lead you to wonder whether you are better off enlisting the help of a lawyer. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most…