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8 Best Apps for Smart Farmers

Agri-tech has come a long way in creating innovative techniques for farmers. The digitized transformation through satellite mapping, weather forecasts, drones, robotic harvesters, and AI have led to reformative food production en masse for the global population. Farmers, they sure have a knack for technology, which enables them to keep up with the pace of […]

5 Sectors Being Transformed by AI in 2019

Have you watched an AI sci-fi movie and then wondered whether intelligent machines would take over the world? But such a day is possibly very far from today. According to AI think tanks, the future of AI relies on replicating our neural network. Such a development will foster the creation of Artificial General Intelligence(AGI) or […]

Apex Legends: New Havoc Energy Rifle and Its Attachments Revealed

Respawns latest title Apex Legends is becoming immensely popular amongst the fans of battle royale genre, and players are pretty hyped to explore this latest addition. With the remarkable popularity for Apex Legends, Respawn is set to release its first new weapon to the game. This new weapon namely Havoc Energy Rifle is indeed a […]

Apex Legends: According to the Respawn Ceo, New Maps Could Be Included to the Title

Apex Legends has made an impactful entry, and within a span of a week, it crossed 10 million mark of in-game players. This free to play battle royale shooter title has plenty of content for gamers, and quality optimization makes it much more presentable and user-friendly. As Vince Zampella, CEO at Respawn has suggested that […]

Nintendo Switch Announces Exclusive Tetris 99 Battle Royale Game

Battle Royale Style games are turning out to the latest trend amongst the game developers as after the grand success of PlayersUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and many other gaming studios have introduced their variants for the genre, like Epic Games came up with Fortnite which broke 100 million player record during Live Concert by DJ Marshmello in […]

How To Insert Location In Instagram Posts?

Adding the location on Instagram posts makes your followers know where you are. You don’t even need to mention the location, especially in the captions. Many of your friends may even ring you up to meet for coffee. It can be that you are coincidentally in the same city. Putting the location to any of […]

Dedicated Line: A Tool for Faster and Safer Inter-Communication Service

The dedicated line refers to a reserved or dedication of a communication channel between two specific identities. This identity could be a company, two organizations, hospitals, office, university or any other institution. Dedicate line system is the reciprocal of any public network like telephone lines, internet or mobile network. In telecommunication and computing, it represents […]