Top 3 Safety Tips for Your Business

Most professionals are introduced to safety instruction and training earlier in their career. Even those with every day jobs, such as your barista or the receptionist at the dentist, have gone through training to be safe in the work environment and prepared in case an emergency should happen. While it isn’t something we generally want to think about, it’s important for any business. Reviewing…
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How to Reduce the Operating Costs of Your Business

There are essentially two ways to increase the profit of your company. You can either increase revenue or reduce costs. A lot of companies focus too much on the revenue and forget to step back for a moment and optimize their spending. As the company grows so do the expenses…

The Small Business Financing Trends of 2019

When it comes to business financing, what’s obvious is that it is rapidly evolving. Very rapidly. Most banks have already shifted online. Getting a loan doesn’t require you to wait for days or weeks. The new, streamlined processes have replaced old, time-consuming ways…