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The 7 Virtues of a Good Yoga Teacher

It’s a dream of a yoga aspirant to successfully complete a yoga teacher training in India in order to evolve into a skilled yoga teacher in India. Many are fortunate to learn and get trained under the eminent yoga figures from across the globe during the YTTC journey. As you emerge into a celebrated yoga […]

What are the Qualities that Make a Great Yoga Teacher?

When we hear about eminent or great teachers, the certain thought of what makes them good passes through our mind. We start counting on certain traits or think how a great yoga teacher should be like or so. A yoga teacher plays a crucial role in building and shaping the practice of their students. So, […]

Follow these Yoga Instructor Ethics for a Better Experience

Yoga – it is the science of enlightenment. Yoga is a ray of light that a yogi treads on the wheel of, in order to reach the epitome of success. Yoga is a set of principles, following which thousands of Yoga masters and philosophers went on to achieve peace, calmness, wellness, inner-consciousness and most importantly, […]