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Taking A Look At The Importance And Type Of Safety Handrail Systems

Whether it requires access or working at heights or unsafe sloping surfaces, the need for safety handrail systems is quite imminent. The primary objective of installing a handrail system is to provide safety to the people who are working at heights. This is a part of personal protective equipment, and every company needs to invest in it.  

And though they might look all similar there are many types of safety handrail systems, and their making varies based on the area of installation, and whether they are installed for gripping or other needs for wire or rope hanging. 


Why is it essential to install handrail systems?

Safety handrail systems are used on rooftops and highly elevated places to prevent falls or slip from such heights. Whether in homes or industries, factories or construction sites, or even for ground safety one might consider installing these handrail systems.

Within the industries or construction sites, one has to ensure a safe working environment at high places such as a platform or a rooftop of an under-construction building.  

Where might you want to install them?

One can install them in all places where providing safety and security to the people from falling or slipping is imminent. 

And based on that we can further sub-divide the safety handrail systems based on the area of their installation-

Safety handrails on rooftops

Roofs are a place with a severe threat of falling or slipping that can prove to be catastrophic. Each rooftop has some of its unique challenges to meet and based on the need, and the weather outside one has to contact a safety handrail installation company and find out what types of handrails to install on their rooftops. 

They have to be essentially installed in all buildings, whether entirely constructed or those that are under construction. Sometimes they also have to be installed in the open edges of rooftops. 

Safety hand railings at construction sites

The safety handrail systems at the construction sites also need the installation for providing a safer working environment for an under-construction building or tower. 

The handrail systems at the construction sites have to be portable as they are for temporary use only. You also have to ponder whether the safety handrail systems need penetration in the rooftops for installation depending on the need and time for their installation. 

Safety handrails on ground

Even while being on the ground one has to consider installing the safety handrail systems. You can still fall from slipping off the surface, especially on uneven or highly polished smooth or wet surfaces. 

In the industries and factories, these provide walkways for the staff and prevent a collision by creating a separate pathway for people on foot and those on the material handling equipment vehicles. 

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Composition of the safety handrail systems

There are various composition materials that you can choose to go with on the safety hand railings. They are made of metal pipes or metal sheets made into rectangular structures. But you may also find the ones made from the heavy grade plastic polymerized handrails as these are lightweight, easy to install and remove, and are also fully corrosion-proof.  

Types of handrail systems for safety

One can consider different types of safety handrail systems depending on the need of the commercial setting. Here are the types of safety hand railing-

  • Handrail posts

  • Handrail swing gates

  • Horizontal hand railing systems

  • Handrail kick plates

Checking the features on the safety on the handrails

As with the features, one has to look into the need for installing the safety handrail systems, construction material, industry standards, and of course, the weather outside. 


To ensure complete safety, installing the safety handrail systems at homes at elevated open spaces, rooftops, commercial ladders, open stairs, etc. is paramount. 

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