Teach Phonics: All About Online Synthetic Phonics You Need to Know


Synthetic Phonics is a teaching technique where words are broken into small sounds units, also known as phonemes. Now, you can have online Synthetic Phonics to make it easier for kids to learn from the comfort of their homes. Learn all about the method and understand how you can get it. 

As per research, teaching Phonics through a systematic approach is essential to make children reach and spell words correctly. There are multiple Phonics approaches to do that.

In Phonics, the sounds of words are matched with a group of letters. Synthetic Phonics is a different approach. Here, words are broken into phonemes to help children spell a word correctly. 

What Exactly is Synthetic Phonics

As explained above, Synthetic Phonics is a little different from standard Phonics. Rather than matching a word’s sound with letters, you break a word to make it easier for a child to spell a word. 

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It is a quick approach to make children learn and spell new words. For example, if you’ve Yowie Story Books, the Synthetic Phonics will enable you to break words into small units to help you tell words that your kid can memorise. 

What Makes Synthetic Phonics Effective

The unique Synthetic Phonics approach is effective. Many teachers and parents have found online Synthetic Phonics to be a great way to introduce kids to new words. Here’re a few things that make it an effective teaching technique:

  • Quick 

    In this method, you break words into phonemes, which means there aren’t any weak words. You can begin with a group of phonemes and start reading them for your kids. Synthetic Phonics will produce quick results. 

  • Explicit 

    When you choose the Synthetic Phonics learning technique, you get a method where no guess game works. It is a detail-oriented teaching process where it is ensured that children learn words correctly and spell them right. 

  • Thorough

    Here, children do not learn just a few sounds. There are 44 English phonemes that are taught to make kids spell the words correctly. 

  • Systematic and Consistent

    As your child grows, the Synthetic Phonics method also becomes complex. It is a consistent learning method that makes sure your kid remains on the right track of growth. 

    The Synthetic Phonics learning technique is an efficient method that focuses both on your child’s reading and spelling abilities. 

Where to Get Online Synthetic Phonics 

Now, you can get Synthetic Phonics online and make it a part of your teaching routines. There are reputed education hubs over the Internet that provide a range of study materials for children of different age groups. Find a good place online that offers specialised Synthetic Phonics materials to enable you to reap the benefits of the unique approach.

In the End 

Whether you are a teacher or a parent, Synthetic Phonics can be a great teaching method to make it easier and quicker for your kid to learn new words. Get Synthetic Phonics online and let your children grow. All the best!

Want your kids to read Yowie Story Books? Get online Synthetic Phonics to enable a child to learn and read words correctly. Learn all about  Synthetic Phonics?